ScumRun Champions

I am delighted to announce that we were the top fundraisers for the 2014 ScumRun which was raising money for Tommy’s the Baby Charity.

Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog will know the reasons for us taking up the challenge, if not it is because our son who we lost 20 weeks into pregnancy would have been 10 on 3rd June this year.

I personally didn’t take part in the trip but I encouraged my husband to. He has long wanted to do a cross country car rally and seeing this year that Tommy’s were the beneficiary and with it being the year Casey should have turned 10 he just had to do it.

We set our initial target at £2004 – 2004 being the year he was born. In the early days of fundraising there were times when I felt this figure would never be achieved let alone smashed… THREE TIMES OVER!

With much support from local business, friends and family we raised a grand total of…


Delighted is an understatement!

Combining the amounts raised by the 100 teams, the ScumRun raised a whopping £100,858 – enough for them to open their fourth research centre which will focus on identifying why so many women suffer from an early miscarriage – something I experienced in the pregnancy after Casey before going on to have our daughters.

Whilst undertaking the race we were ranked in 3rd place for fundraising which meant the team took away an F1 Replica Car signed by Sir Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton. By the end of the fundraising we ranked 1st which meant we also took away a 1:2 scale F1 Helmet signed by Jenson Button.

We plan to auction the Helmet at some stage so if anyone is an F1 fan and interested then get in touch!

Recovering from whiplash

It’s now pretty much 5 months since my whiplash injury and what joy it has been… not!

Although the impact of the car was relatively low I have been amazed at just how much of an impact it has had on my life.

When it happened the first thing that crossed my mind was “please don’t give me whiplash, I have another 2 months of personal training to do” along with the fact that I have already done 10 weeks of it!

Needless to say it hit me, and hard.

I started physio a week after the incident having sessions twice a week, no amount of painkillers, heat or ice packs could take away the pain and as an active person with two young children I certainly wasn’t prepared to wait to get a physio referral from my doctor – although I now need to wait for approximately £400 worth of costs to be recovered.

The pain affected me from my neck all the way down to my lower back and did move to cause issues in my right leg at one point. With some manipulation we managed to remove that pain.

One of the biggest issues was the lack of sleep in the early days, getting comfortable was almost impossible so needless to say I was like a zombie for a good few weeks. which left me feeling rather fed up and reaching out for the comfort foods and I admit even a few more glasses of wine!

During this time of limited mobility and generally feeling crap I have put on approximately TWO STONE! Needless to say this makes me even more unhappy when I look back at my PT progress pictures. I invested a lot of time, effort and sheer determination in those sessions – all of which I will only get back from a double dose of time, effort and sheer determination.

I have now been moved on to open access by my physio and I am hoping to get back on the fitness wagon ASAP – I need to, I’m doing the Great Yorkshire Run in September so training for that will be fun.

Once again, I shall be sharing my journey and hints and tips but please let this post be a reminder that sometimes we fail, it’s what we do about getting back on track that matters.

I’m just hoping my compensation will cover the cost of having PT sessions again – although it will never compensate for the time I’ve lost or where I should be right now (good job I don’t have a beach holiday this year eh!)

To Paul, my physio at The Edgerton Clinic thank you very much, even when I did think you were going to twist my neck off.

To Barry, my PT at PF Gym, please don’t feel your effort was wasted, I’ll be back.

To everyone else that has been amazing during the last 5 months thank you.

John, my husband, thanks for just being pretty awesome full stop x

CB12 – Minty fresh breath…

I was recently sent some CB12 products to test out which is great as I have always been a little reluctant to try the products due to them being slightly more expensive that other mouthwash brands.

I was sent two full size, two travel size and two packets of their chewing gum to test out.

CB12 Mouth Rinse

This comes in two flavours, mild and mint menthol.

Personally I prefer the mint menthol as I feel that it has a more refreshing taste. Both are slightly different to other mouthwashes in that they leave a fairly dry / bitty  texture in your mouth and with the mild it is much more noticeable whereas the mint menthol leaves a much fresher feeling.

It is marketed as giving your fresh breath for 12 hours and whilst I don’t think that is the case it certainly leaves your mouth feeling much fresher for longer than other brands. When using on a night I definitely agree that my mouth is much fresher in a morning.

250ml retails for £14.59 at Boots

CB12 Boost

I’m a huge fan of gum and I always keep a tub of it in my car so this was the product I was most looking to try out, especially during the day after eating foods that can linger. The gum is like a dual candy. It is mint like on one side and gum on the other which when biting into breaks the mint, unleashes the freshness but unfortunately the mint just kills the gum as anyone who has ever had gum and had a sweet at the same time will know (surely everyone has done that?!).

The flavour was fantastic and immediately refreshed my breath but if I chewed for too long that feeling of freshness just went which was unfortunate.

I definitely wouldn’t buy these, at £4.99 for 10 I think they are certainly overpriced for the typical gum consumer.

£4.99 for 10 from Boots.


I’m not quite sure these products are for me, well certainly not for the price. I’m lucky in that I don’t think I really suffer from bad breath issues as I have quite good dental hygiene and tend to stick to foods that don’t cause too much offence but I can appreciate people having a need for these. I’d certainly use the mouth rinse again as I do think it lasts longer than other brands but I think CB12 could do with some further product work on the CB12 Boost.

CB12 mouthwash and gum

PBB Giveaway from Hale Naturals

You may recently recall I did a post on Hale Naturals Powdered Peanut Butter.

No? Then have a look here to refresh your memory.

Well the lovely folks over at Hale Naturals have sent me 3 more tubs so I am going to give them away to you, my readers!

Each worth £6.50, flavours include

To be in with the chance of winning simply comment with a recipe for how you would use the PBB and which flavour you would like to try.

Hale Naturals Powdered Peanut Butter

Cake for a cause

On Sunday, Sugar, Spice n All Stuff Iced at Sowerby Bridge hosted a fabulous afternoon tea on behalf of Casey’s Crew.

We managed to raise (so far) over £100 for Tommy’s the baby charity. but as the raffle is still open there is still much more to come!

It was a fabulous afternoon – the afternoon tea was completely amazing – so much choice! Plus the kids also got to decorate their own little cupcakes which kept them happy.

Additionally from Thursday (if you happen to be passing Sowerby Bridge) there will be Casey’s Crew & Tommy’s branded cupcakes on sale! Pop down and treat yourself!

Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea3 Afternoon Tea4 Afternoon Tea2

Battling bloating with bimuno

I know I’ve written about Bimuno once before but I felt the need to right about it again.

Since my training and fitness took a hit due to the extension and no kitchen and now being out of action since mid-February due to a whiplash injury I have been feeling sluggish and bloated. Having found that exercise helps but not really being able to do much about it revisiting Bimuno is something that has been extremely beneficial.

It’s interesting to read other experiences about bloating and IBS and although I am not an IBS sufferer there are days where I can feel bloated, uncomfortable and just pretty poor really so to discover that such issues can have a massive impact on your life was quite a shock! This article in the Daily Mail certainly makes for interesting reading! I never really considered that it could cause such issues, but I have to say there are times when I haven’t been ‘in the mood’ due to feeling bloated… I have no excuse now!

So what is Bimuno?

Bimuno is a unique, second generation prebiotic that helps sustain the good bacteria in your gut. One of their products, IBAID (Intestinal Bifidobacteria Aid), is specifically designed to support people suffering from digestive health concerns and those with symptoms such as bloating or digestive discomfort.

You can purchase directly from the Bimuno website or in specialist pharmacies such as Boots.



2014… the year of #CaseysCrew

This year marks what should (and still is) my sons 10th birthday!

He was born too soon at 20 weeks on the 3rd June 2004 due to a condition I suffer from called ‘Incompetent Cervix’. After losing him I went on to suffer an early miscarriage before getting pregnant with my eldest daughter, Stevie now 8 and my youngest daughter, Jaime now 2.

CaseyStevie born at 33 WeeksJaime

To mark 10 years we have a number of things going on…

Firstly my husband, his dad and friend Mike are taking part in the annual ScumRun which is this year raising funds exclusively for Tommy’s the baby charity – our charity of choice. This year Tommy’s aims to open a fourth research centre which will purely focus on early miscarriage. Something that over 250,000 women experience each year.

Casey's Crew

Tommy’s hope to raise £100,000 from this activity alone. So far our fundraising total stands at £2770.93 (excluding gift aid) and smashing our target of £2004!

To support our fundraising efforts we are holding an Afternoon Tea this Sunday 27th April at 12 noon at Sugar, Spice n All Stuff Iced at Sowerby Bridge. Priced at £10 per person with £5 from each afternoon tea benefiting Tommy’s. Additionally there will also be a raffle and you can purchase tickets via text if you can’t make it on Sunday. Simple text CCSR77 £1 to 70070 and state your name and include the message raffle (if it allows you to send a message, it should ask this on the confirmation text you get back). Full details about the event and raffle prizes can be found on our facebook page.

There will be other events taking place over the next few months of which there will be more information to follow, but in the meantime I wanted to share the news that I have signed up to the Great Yorkshire Run and will be completing my first 10k in September!

This will be a bit of a challenge especially as I have been out of action for the last couple of months owing to whiplash, but hopefully it will help me on the road to recovery and fitness! For anyone that knows me they will know I am not a runner so this will be some challenge!

I am quite excited about donning my Tommy’s running vest – I have been coveting them for a number of years and if I was ever going to do a run it had to be in 2014! So if anyone fancies joining me in Sheffield on the 28th April let me know! It would be great to get some running buddies!

You can donate here should you so wish!

I look forward to keeping you posted on the challenges!