A bit of an intro…

So I have always thought about writing a blog but then I think what the hell do I write about I’m not THAT interesting! But just lately and due to the fact I turn 30 this year I have begun a journey and one that I hope to continue for life!

That journey is to be a healthier, fitter better me. Because not only will that benefit me in the long run but also my family too!

So almost 12 months ago I joined a gym, but I never REALLY got into it, I went and I enjoyed it as it was my time. Time out of the house (I work from home) and it was time I enjoyed, but working, being a mum and having all those other little jobs to do (oh I’ve also been studying for the past 2 1/2 years too) I just didn’t make the most of my workouts.

2013 that all changed! I got hit by the flu quite badly and decided I didn’t ever want to get so knocked out again, I was turning 30 this year and for once wanted to get myself beach body ready!

This blog therefore charts my journey to fitness, talks about my family and the perks of my job.

Happy reading!

Katrina x

What are your thoughts?

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