I’ve got the POWER…

Power Hoop that is!

My gym, Pure Fitness, recently added this class to their packed class timetable and I am so glad they did!

Power Hoop is an aerobic hula hoop class using a weighted / wider hoop compared to normal hula hoops. The hoop also has a wavy interior which although hurts when you first start hooping is apparently over time meant to improve your core muscle.

The class lasts for approximately an hour in which you do various exercises that focus on various parts of your body using the hoop. So although the main focus is hooping to improve your core muscles and profile you also undertake exerciseS that involve lifting the hoop, squatting along with various others in order to get an all over body workout.

At first I was a little conscious, I mean I can’t even hula my kids hula hoop for more than 5 seconds, how on Earth was I gonna cope with a weighted one? But I have to say I think I pretty much rocked it! I loved every minute of hooping even though there was an element of pain whilst using the hoop. But as they say no pain no gain!!

For more information about Power Hoop and to see a class in action you can view on You Tube.

Using my Polar FT7 I calculated that I burnt 433 calories doing 52 minutes of Power Hoop, which surprised me a lot! Also half the class was spent fat burning and half cardio which is just the type of class I want at the moment! (Remember this figure depends on your personal weight, height and current weight and of course heart rate calculations, so this will be different for everyone, but gives you a good idea as to what you can look to burn)

Not content with Power Hooping I decided that I would also take a spinning class straight after! I have never done spinning before or even sat on a bike in almost a year of being a member at the gym, but as my fitness levels have improved I am keen to try out new things.

This has to be one of the hardest classes I have ever done! I don’t think I have ever put my legs under so much stress before, but overall I think I did a pretty good job at keeping up. I wasn’t as fast as the regulars but I think it is something that I would do again in the future even if I did come off the bike looking like a beetroot! But another 482 calories burnt in 40 minutes so I’m not gonna complain!

So, the morning after…

Well I was expecting a ton of bruising around my waist as it does hurt a fair bit whilst you’re doing it, but I was assured that over time this would subside. Although there is evidence of bruising on my sides, I don’t think I have come off too badly so this will definitely be a class I do again!

Power HoopPower Hoop Bruise

Powerhoop Class image courtesy of www.powerhoop.co.uk


8 thoughts on “I’ve got the POWER…

    • Hi Tara, they are great classes and I am so pleased that my gym has added another date to the timetable! No I didn’t take a picture, I actually pinched that off the PowerHoop website, but as we all get a little better I may take a picture in future! I have a class tonight so will be reporting on that later in the week 🙂

      • Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to do two things at once 🙂 I had a class again last night and am able to move at the same time as hooping now! Will post my progress in a few weeks!

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