Super Green Smoothie with Teapigs Matcha

Matcha SmoothieI’ve been in love with this smoothie since sampling it in Chicago so I’ve been keen to replicate it at home and I have to say it didn’t disappoint! Not only that it means my veg doesn’t go to waste, which I am regularly guilty of.

After a quick session in the gym followed by a Power Hoop class last night I am feeling a little virtuous this morning after having a healthy breakfast finishing off with this super smoothie packed full of antioxidants!

This recipe makes two servings each under 100 calories, personally I am not a fan of drinks with calories unless it is an alcoholic one!

  • 3 Carrots
  • 1 Apple (I used a Pink Lady)
  • Raw Ginger – 16g or a thumb sized piece
  • Kale – 100g
  • Lemon Juice – 4 Table Spoons or if you have a lemon chuck that in
  • 100% Pressed Apple Juice – 100ml
  • Teapigs Organic Matcha

Put all the ingredients, aside from the apple juice in a blender, it helps if you cut the carrot and apple into smaller pieces, and blend until smooth. Add the apple juice and blend again until you are happy with the consistency, you may wish to add more apple juice or if you want to keep the calories down add some water. I have mine fairly thick but that’s my personal preference. You could always add some crushed ice too, which I plan to try next time.

So why add Matcha?

Well Teapigs have been heavily promoting their Matcha range with #MatchaMay featuring heavily across Twitter and the world of bloggers have been coming up with all sorts of wonderful and weird ways to use Matcha, so I seriously doubt I am the first person to put Matcha in a smoothie! I am an avid fan of green tea since ditching the normal stuff back at the beginning of the year and can quite easily get through a number of cups a day so when I saw that Matcha had the equivalent benefits of 15, yes 15 cups of normal green tea I had to give this a go!

The difference between Matcha and normal green tea is that the leaves are ground to a very fine powder which you consume, rather than throwing the bag and therefore numerous health benefits away. Such benefit claims include boosting metabolism, raising energy and reducing stress. All of which I need!

You can have Matcha as a normal green tea drink, latte, a shot or add to food products such as cereal and yoghurt. I’ve even had mine on ice cream! These options are perfect especially when you just don’t fancy a hot drink or don’t have access to a kettle throughout the day.

Already looking forward to tomorrows smoothie!

If you make one… enjoy!

Now for the numbers

  • Calories – 92
  • Fat – 0.9g
  • Potassium – 15.8g
  • Carbohydrates – 18.3g
  • Protein – 2.1g
  • Vit A – 1%
  • Vit C – 6%
  • Iron – 1%

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