Bliss at Bannatyne Spa

Today a friend and I visited the Bannatyne Spa in Barnsley (there are also various other Bannatyne Spa’s around the country). After returning from Chicago and finishing off my diploma I wanted the opportunity to relax, wind down and get my head in order before getting back to work (next week).

I didn’t want to spend too much as I have a spa weekend coming up shortly, but really just wanted the opportunity to have a treatment, relax, have a swim and just time away from anything digital.

Bannatyne’s were offering a 2 for £69 deal which included both guests receiving either a Swedish back neck and shoulder massage or a Bannatyne Energising facial; plus a heavenly scalp massage plus access to the clubs facilities including extensive air conditioned gym, classes, Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna and steam room.

After a little time relaxing in the steam room and sauna, we opted for the Swedish massage which was followed by the scalp massage. Although a short treatment in all, it was extremely relaxing. The therapists were friendly and there was no hard sell to buy any products. Once the treatments were over we decided to have lunch which we had pre-ordered, I went for a chicken salad but was gutted to find that there was no cake! A spa day with no cake! Instead we opted for an Oatmeal bar – so fairly healthy but just treat enough!

Once lunch had settled we went for a swim – somehow I managed an hour and burnt 488 calories! I used to be an amazing swimmer, in fact I did synchro, but it’s been a long time since I have had a decent amount of time in a pool. Following on the the exercise we spent the rest of the afternoon in the steam and sauna rooms and the jacuzzi.

The only thing that was disappointing is that at 2.30pm the pool was all of a suddenly filled with young children. I don’t hate children – I have two of my own aged 7 years and 23 months, but my spa day was to relax, have peace and generally be away from kids, therefore when booking it would have been nice to have been informed that between certain hours children have access to the pool area (especially when they are jumping in just inches from where you are sat), if I had of been aware I would have booked my treatments around this time.

To counteract this it would perhaps have been good if Bannatyne had a separate room with loungers away from the noise in order to relax and read a book – or sleep!

However, for the price it was an extremely good deal and I would visit again in the future – just taking care to consider the times I have my treatments.

Definitely worth a visit!

Oh and MyFitnessPal said if every day was like today I would weigh 2kg less! The perfect excuse to spa more often!


What are your thoughts?

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