#TeamTrim Proskins Challenge

On Saturday 1st June my Proskins 28 day challenge commenced!

Proskins (@ProskinsLtd) are a company specialising in sports compression wear and have developed leggings that claim to help the wearer slim by up to 2cm around the thighs and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The technology behind the garments include:

  • Caffeine – A renowned active slimming agent that activates micro-circulation and promotes fat destruction
  • Retinol – A skin regenerator which stimulates collagen, giving a youthful appearance to the skin
  • Vitamin E – An antioxidant that helps the skin appear young and fresh

They also include silver anti-bacterial agents to prolong the usage of the garment.

After reading a number of reviews (and the fact I needed new leggings anyway) I decided to step up to the challenge!

I opted to size down and I am glad I did as I think my size would have been a little loose and with prolonged wear perhaps sag – or at least do so when I have lost further weight. The leggings fit like a dream and are unbelievably light especially when you have to wear them for a minimum of 8 hours a day (you can even choose to wear to bed!) and when they say you can wear under jeans they really mean it – although I haven’t done so yet, instead opting for a tunic style top and even maxi dresses over the top seen as though the weather has been so kind.

So far the claims that they help smooth the skin seem to be realistic. Day 1 the skin on my legs can get unbelievably flaky and I am constantly exfoliating and moisturising, but after 8 hours in the Proskins there was no flaking of the skin and they felt silky to the touch. They also claim to help flush toxins out of your body in which you should find yourself visiting the bathroom more often – by Day 3 this seemed to be the case!

I’m currently on Day 4 and haven’t washed the leggings yet – they still smell pretty fresh, although I think they are going to have to go in the wash tonight. I just don’t feel that I can wear anything longer than 4 days without washing!

If all I get from these are smoother legs for summer I will be happy, but if the claims that they can help you lose cm’s come true I’ll be ecstatic!

I will be taking on the challenge with my existing healthy eating and fitness regime so fingers crossed they will help speed up the results!

At the moment, Proskins are conducting a #28DayChallenge where you can obtain a pair of the 28 Day Slim Leggings for £25 (50% off RRP).

Are you up to the challenge?


8 thoughts on “#TeamTrim Proskins Challenge

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    • Hi Janie
      I purchased the leggings myself due to them having the 50% discount. Not sure I would have started out my Proskins challenge paying full price. Everything on my blog has been bought for by me – but if anyone wants to send me free stuff go for it 🙂

      I loved them and still do, they feel great on, my skin has never been as soft (no matter how much moisturisation they just don’t seem to get the results that the Proskins offer) I have been out of them a few days now and I can feel my skin returning to it’s pre Proskins state. So if I have any events coming up that require legs out these will be worn in the lead up to.

      As you can see from my blog I am on a journey to eat better and move more so I cannot fully attribute my reduction in size to the Proskins BUT I do believe they had a considerable role to play. I do not eat at a major calorie deficit, I have mainly just changed the type of foods I eat but have been doing this for 4 months prior to getting my Proskins. The Proskins appeared to speed up the rate that I was reducing my measurements and even on a week where I had relatively little exercise and a rubbish week of eating I still lost a bit measurement wise.

      The type of exercise that I do are also increasing muscle mass so I have in fact expected some measurements to go up rather than down. Also throughout the challenge even though my leg measurements reduced my waist measurements did not in the whole 4 weeks of wearing the Proskins – but they aren’t targeted to reduce that area. Although they are high waisted the moisturising properties have gone some way to improving the appearance of stretch marks.

      There are various other blogs that claim to have achieved results whilst they have done nothing whilst wearing. How true they are I can’t comment. I am only going by my personal experiences but have noted that I am also eating better and exercising within my posts. I am not starving myself, I do not exercise til I almost pass out and in a lot of cases I do eat back a good chunk of my exercise calories.

      I should hopefully be at maintaining stage soon (hoping late August) after which I plan to complete the 28 day challenge again and see what happens then. Otherwise these are a really comfy pair of leggings that I would wear regularly either day to day or to the gym – especially if they are going to make my skin look great.

      Hope that has gone some way to helping!

      If you do buy a pair then good luck.

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