Week 1 Proskins Review #TeamTrim

So Saturday marked Day 7 of my #28DayChallenge! I have managed to get through a whole week wearing nothing but my Proskins and a top of course!

As the weather has been rather glorious I have been teaming with tunic style tops, skater dresses and maxi dresses and not once felt too hot. It’s just a good job one of my legs was still sporting a massive power hoop bruise otherwise I would have been gutted at keeping my legs away from a Vitamin D top up! If the weather is good this week (is that too much to ask) then I am going to switch my wear to the evening.

So, how have they lived up to their claims?

Well after Day 1 my legs felt great after a full day in the leggings. I usually suffer from quite dry skin and the skin on my legs can somewhat resemble that of a snake about to shed it’s skin! Not with the Proskins!

I regularly moisturise on an evening and usually by morning it has soaked into the skin and I’m back to thirsty looking skin once again, but with wearing the Proskins they still feel smooth and look quenched in a morning. I cannot remember the last time my skin on my legs felt so great!

After having babies – the most recent almost two years old I have become a victim to stretch marks but I have found more recently with regular exercise and the reduction of fat around my waist this has drastically reduced. I have also noticed that wearing the Proskins seems to have aided this further and the appearance is less visible! Maybe I will wear a bikini this summer after all!

So cellulite – well I wouldn’t say I have a massive amount, it’s certainly there – let’s see how I feel at the end of the challenge when I brave the hot pants!

Now like a div, I didn’t personally record my starting measurements (aside from my hips as I track them in MyFitnessPal) so far there are no changes in the hip measurements, but from memory I think there are a couple of mm’s everywhere else. Let’s see what the measurements say on week 2 and I shall report.

Due to the anti-bacterial properties of the leggings I managed to get through 5 days of wearing these leggings before putting in the wash. Even though they didn’t particularly smell I just felt 5 days was about right to stick in the wash, also the youngest daughter managed to put ice cream hands over me! After washing as per the instructions they felt nice and tight again although they hadn’t sagged whilst wearing (remember I sized down).

My only comment on the leggings is that they are quite shiny (not Disco pant shiny though) so it would be great to have a pair of the matte ones. Also with young children and Velcro being rife, I have managed to obtain a couple of snags on the leggings which although not visible to others are to me – perhaps the matte ones wouldn’t be as noticeable?

Proskins in the Sun

N.B. I haven’t been paid to post this review nor have I been gifted a free pair of leggings. I made the purchase based on the 50% discount (which is still ongoing) and reviews found on Amazon, Next and Tesco. Therefore the above comments are my actual thoughts on how the product lives up to its claims.


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