Banana & Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream

Well I promised the recipe for the Banana Protein Ice Cream using my new protein powder from The Protein Works, so here it is!

This is surprisingly easy to make and it’s likely you will already have all the ingredients required to make this tasty little treat.


  • 1 Banana – I used a fairly large one
  • 85g Cottage Cheese (I used Sainsbury’s Be Good to Yourself)
  • 1x Scoop The Protein Works Banana Diet Whey
  • 2 tbsp. Peanut Butter (I used Smooth Organic)

The addition of peanut butter is optional so there will be no issue with the ice cream should you decide to leave out. For my next batch I plan to add coconut!

Overall this makes 3 smallish tubs of ice cream i.e. around 90g of ice cream per pot. Which in my opinion is just enough to satisfy a sweet craving!

Put all in a blender and whizz up until smooth then transfer into suitable freezer containers and leave for about an hour for a easy scoop option or leave a bit longer if you like you’re ice cream fairly hard.

This takes less than five minutes to whizz up so perfect if you are in a rush but fancy a protein packed treat on your return from the gym!

Don’t forget if you use referral code KC18322 in the registration page of The Protein Works they will gift you with a free 250g pouch of their Whey Protein 80 in whichever flavour you fancy!

Nutritional Information (per individual serving)

  • 153 Calories (without peanut butter = 90 calories, whole quantity with PB = 457 calories)
  • 6.5g Fat (of which 1.7 Saturates)
  • 13.8g Carbs
  • 12.1g Protein




6 thoughts on “Banana & Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream

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  5. Hi I have a protein powder question. Can I still use your code you mentioned above to get some free protein? If so, that’s great. I’ll order this evening.

    It’s a gorgeous day here in the UK so this recipe is perfect. I have some icon grass fed protein that I am using now. They only have 4 flavours but all delicious. I know the protein works have lots. Which do you recommend I get?



    • Of course, that code is personal to me and will work for many years to come hopefully! I also recommend their peanut butter if you’re a fan of it. You’ll never by shop bought again!

      In terms of flavours I’m pretty boring I’m afraid and always get the banana smooth. I love to mix it up with a frozen banana and peanut butter, which is amazing! Although I got a stash of the choc mint brownie too which I mainly use for making protein pancakes or brownies and that is great. I just can’t drink chocolate flavour stuff.


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