The Protein Works – Diet Whey Complex

On Wednesday I took delivery of some protein powder from The Protein Works.

Having tried the USN Diet Fuel, although I liked it, I was keen to try another brand. My problem however, is that I don’t like Strawberry or Chocolate flavour shakes and unfortunately it seems like a lot of other brands – especially those aimed at women, seem to offer these flavours. Not The Protein Works – they seem to have every flavour you can imagine including Rhubarb and Custard, Jaffa Cake, Cherry Bakewell, Choc Mint Brownie, Apple Cinnamon Swirl amongst many others along with the standard Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana.

I opted for the Banana variety from their Diet Whey Complex range. I however had a referral link which also gifted me a free 250g serving of one of their Whey Protein 80 products, so I took the opportunity to try out a different flavour. Not straying too far from vanilla I opted for Butterscotch Ripple although I really fancied the Cherry Bakewell. I was just too concerned that it would taste too synthetic like a lot of the strawberry shake’s in the market today (this also includes the likes of Nesquik which I hated as a kid!) and that it would end up wasted.

I ordered on Monday and received free delivery which claimed to take 3-5 working days, however the delivery arrived within 48 hours!

What I initially liked about The Protein Works is the packaging – no bulky tubs of protein powder which only ever seem to be half filled taking up space in my cupboard! Instead the powder is contained in nice, small re-sealable packs which take up much less space and uses up most of the packaging in an effort to reduce waste.

So why did I choose The Protein Works?

Well I am still very new to Protein Powders and with my current exercise regime along with wanting to rid my diet of items that contain a lot of fat and carbs, protein powders just seemed the way to go. I started on the USN Diet Fuel after seeing a friend use it, but have since been on the look out for even better quality products. I also use protein powders in my cooking so a chocolate variety may come in useful in the future when baking chocolate protein cakes or perhaps chocolate protein pancakes!

Having come across The Protein Works and reviewing the nutritional content I decided to give it a go. Although the banana is slightly higher in calories than the Vanilla USN, it has better nutritional qualities such as more protein, less carbs etc.

Upon delivery I was desperate to try, but I just wasn’t hungry after having a huge serving of protein pancakes for lunch that I decided to wait it out until I was either a) hungry or b) had been to the gym. Hunger came first!

Originally I made up with the recommended amount of water, but as I like quite thick shakes I think I will reduce the amount of water in future. One thing that is different from the USN is the use of flax seed so the shake can be a little bitty – this doesn’t bother me but worth being aware of. I have also just used a scoop when making some Banana Protein Ice Cream ready for after I have been to the gym this evening so I will post on that later and let you know my thoughts (and if any good) the recipe!

So what is Diet Whey Complex?

It is a unique formulation of the finest quality ingredients designed to promote weight loss and lean muscle definition. Combining an optimal ratio of three premium grade proteins, Diet Whey Complex is ideal for anyone looking to develop a lean and cut body profile.

Research proven ingredients include green tea extract, CLA & acetyl l carnitine to support lean muscle goals, while flax seed provides a high source of fibre to keep hunger at bay.

  • Over 35g of quality protein per serving
  • High in dietary fibre and low in sugar
  • Helps promote lean muscle definition

A 2 scoop serving provides…

  • 207 Calories
  • 3.4g Fat (of which 1.9 Saturates)
  • 9.3g Carbs (of which 4g sugars)
  • 36.5g Protein

So if you fancy trying products from The Protein Works – use the referral code KC18322 where you will be gifted 250g free of Whey Protein 80 which will allow you to try out additional flavours – or have a pouch to keep with you in your gym bag!

Make sure you enter the code during registration – not at checkout!!!



9 thoughts on “The Protein Works – Diet Whey Complex

    • Thanks for letting me know! I may try some when I make my next purchase. Have just used the banana to make some protein ice cream ready for later – the mixture tasted great so I’m hoping the final product tastes just as great! Impressed with The Protein Works so far though!

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  2. What a wonderful blog and a great post. keep them coming. I have always enjoyed my whey proteins to help me get lean. I have however recently found the aid of a wonderful product called usn diet fuel that has shown me some wonderful results.

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