Week 2 Proskins Review #TeamTrim

OK, I really shouldn’t be recording this until tomorrow morning, but I doubt one day will make a difference! So here we have it, the results from week two of wearing my Proskins Slim Leggings.


As you can see the measurements are all reducing!

  • Hips – 3mm down
  • Top of Thighs – 2mm down
  • Widest part of Thigh – 6mm down
  • Above Knee – 5mm down
  • Below Knee – 5mm down
  • Widest Part of Calf – 6mm down

I wasn’t sure that there would be a change as I haven’t had the most active week due to my husband being away with work which means I have missed two gym classes and with a toddler approaching her terrible two’s I haven’t had my evenings to do some home workouts either.

What didn’t help either is the fact I also had a Peanut M&M’s Sharing Bag to myself on Monday evening followed by 5 Chocolate Digestives on Tuesday evening and a lovely Afternoon Tea yesterday – so if anything expected them to go up a little!

I am glad however that I have had the opportunity to wear whilst being fairly inactive so I can see if the product really does live up to it’s promises! Next week I will be back to classes 3 times a week so hopefully even more mm’s gone!

So this week I switched to wearing my Proskins on an evening just to try them out at night. I have been a little cold in them – but then again I am in the bed on my own. I have managed to get through the full week without washing, but they will be in the wash first thing tomorrow morning as I switch back to day time wear. Doesn’t look like we’re going to have much sun so may as well keep them covered up whilst doing them some good! My skin still feels great – no flakiness or dryness so when the husband is back I plan to finally get round to popping on some fake tan!

The appearance of the stretch marks continues to reduce, cellulite – again mine isn’t TOO bad but the fact they look more moisturised is more of a benefit for me.

So far I have been really impressed with my Proskins and am glad I got to see some results on a ‘bad’ week!

Proskins are still undertaking the #28DayChallenge which gives you the opportunity to buy the full length leggings for just £25 so grab them whilst you can.

They are also offering 20% discount on their shorts if you want the benefit of the leggings but with the ability to wear under skirts and dresses. Just enter 28SHORTS into the discount box when you checkout.

Bring on Week 3!

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