Father’s Day at The Milestone

Today I took a very special dad out for dinner, that dad is my husband and Father to my two girls.

If there is anyone as deserving to win ‘World’s Best Dad’ then it is most definitely my other half. I have not witnessed a more doting, caring father who would do absolutely anything for his children as much as my husband would so I have to say I really lucked out with him!

Having been in Kentucky with work and overall having a pretty shitty June in general (our son, who we lost during pregnancy should have been 9, the same day the youngest daughter was admitted to hospital with croup, 2 days later it was his birthday and then the day after his grandma was admitted to hospital passing away this Thursday at the grand old age of 92) I thought he deserved a little treat.

So a lay in (although the youngest decided to wake in the middle of the night – she’s almost 2!) and then a breakfast of bacon and egg sandwich in bed was followed by visiting his side of the family who he hadn’t seen since getting back.

So I decided to book us a table at The Milestone in Ripponden, we had visited once before (after they started following me on Twitter and I thought the menu looked rather nice) and seen as though everyone agreeing how amazing the food was – including our pizza fussy eldest daughter, I decided we would go there for dinner as I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed, and of course we weren’t!

The Milestone offers a variety of dishes to cater for everyone’s tastes and in my daughters own words ‘the pizzas are amazing – the best one I have ever had’!

After seeing my husband having the Half a Hen last time I was keen to have one all to myself on this visit – I just about managed but unfortunately left no room for desert, which I guess with my clean eating ambitions this was a good thing! At least I got plenty of protein!

We also tend to buy our youngest who is almost 2 her own dish, but at £6 per child’s meal which is fine for the eldest, it is a little on the expensive side for a toddler when they only eat half the portion. Today we asked if they could halve the pasta dish to which they did (although it looked more like 3/4) and they knocked a few quid off. However she then proceeded to help herself to our chicken and fries!

Once again we had an enjoyable visit, the staff are friendly, the place is nice and clean and the food is not only great but great value too and more importantly very welcoming with children although all the kids there were exceptionally well-behaved! We had such a lovely time, that the eldest daughter even wrote them a thank you note! So we will definitely be back!

The Milestone although around 15 minutes to get to is definitely worth the trip, especially as I don’t feel that there is anywhere really in Huddersfield that offers this level of catering, atmosphere and which is suitable for children too. If anything we would go to Nando’s if we had no other choice and I’m not a major fan of eating in chains, so if you are an eating establishment (that welcomes children) and are keen to put yourself up to the challenge get in touch!

Thanks again to The Milestone and Happy Father’s Day to this very special man! x The-Milestone


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