Absolutely A-Whey-zing

Tonight I demolished a tub of ice cream…. a tub of Whey Hey Protein Ice Cream.

At 150ml a tub and packed with 22.5g of Protein this certainly isn’t any ordinary ice cream treat – it’s a healthy one! And perfect for after the gym!

I opted for their Vanilla flavour, they offer Chocolate and Strawberry too, however I am not a lover of Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream so I have to stick to the ‘plain’ flavours (unless I am eating really bad stuff), although the Vanilla WheyHey is absolutely delicious!

I was expecting WheyHey to perhaps be a little on the ‘bitty’ side – you know that aftertaste you get when drinking protein shakes – well not with this, you would honestly think you were eating actual naughty ice cream. It is creamy, definitely tastes of vanilla and not in a ‘fake’ way! It really is something amazing, in fact I have had bad ice creams that don’t taste anywhere near as good as WheyHey does!

This will definitely be on my shopping list in the future, if only we had the summer to go with it!

Just as an end note – It would be lovely if WheyHey could extend their flavour options at some stage in the future such as Mint Choc Chip or even Rum & Raisin! A bigger tub might also be a good idea for hardcore WheyHey fans! Overall though it certainly makes a pleasant change from downing the Protein Shakes and means you can treat yourself whilst trying to have a healthy diet!

You can find WheyHey in the freezer cabinet of your local Holland & Barrett store, although other outlets (depending on your location) also sell it. Check the WheyHey website for more information.

Nutritional Stats – 150ml Tub

  • 6.8g Fat (of which 1.5g Saturates)
  • 7.5g Carbs (6g Fibre, 1.5g Sugar)
  • 22.5g Protein


Can’t get hold of some WheyHey? Check out my recipe for Banana & Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream below!


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