Thai Red Curry with Turkey Breast

This has to be one of my favourite dishes to make. I just love the flavours you get from Thai food and having been lucky enough to visit Thailand on a couple of occasions for work I can honestly say Thai food really is the best especially when it comes to your diet! Especially when it comes to this protein packed, low carb dish!

Thai Red Curry

I decided to have some noodles with this dish – sometimes I have it without, it really depends on my mood. But this gave me the opportunity to try out the Eat Water Slim Noodles recommended by Nics Nutrition (available from Holland & Barrett and other stockists – H&B just local to me) that I had purchased last week.

So what are Eat Water ‘Slim Noodles’?

Eat Water Slim NoodlesSlim Pasta® is made from a water-soluble vegetable fibre called Moyu (konjac). It is slightly chewy than normal pasta because it is made from fibre. It is also very absorbing, so if you add them to a sauce that is runny, it will absorb a lot more of the flavours. The down side of eating normal pasta is that it is High in Calories, Carbohydrates and Sugar. You could either have pasta that contains 352 calories and 71.6g of carbohydrates (per 100g serving) or have Slim Pasta® that contains 7.7 Calories (Zero Net calories), Og of Carbohydrates, of which Sugar is Og. With Slim Pasta®, you will feel full for up to 4 hours. You will get net zero calories and zero carbohydrates and zero sugar from the Slim Pasta®, and you will also lose weight from eating pasta.

Slim Pasta® is also suitable for Diabetics since it contains 0g of Carbohydrates of which Sugar is 0g (per 100g) serving. It is also suitable for Coeliacs, as it is free of Gluten and it is listed with Coeliac UK and Coeliac Society of Ireland database of foods suitable for Coeliacs. Overall I think the whole dish is suitable for Coeliacs as the Thai Red paste is also curry free but I am no expert so please correct me if I am wrong!

I also have to add that it tastes lovely (when with a dish of course!), I really didn’t feel like I was missing anything from the egg noodles – even the sceptical husband enjoyed them!

So how do you make this dish…

Ingredients (Serves 1)

  • 170g Diced Turkey Breast (252 cals)
  • 100ml – Blue Dragon Coconut Milk (Light) (73 cals)
  • 25g – Thai Taste Red Curry Paste (34 cals)
  • 15ml – Blue Dragon Fish Sauce (5 cals)
  • 25g – Shallots (18 Cals)
  • 0.5tsp – Palm Sugar (8 cals)
  • 5ml – Lime Juice (1 cal)
  • 50g – Pak Choi (6 cals)
  • 100g – Eat Water Slim Noodles (8 cals)
  • Optional – Lemongrass


  • Put the shallots (thinly sliced) in a wok and cook until transparent.
  • Add the curry paste and mix into the shallots.
  • Add the Turkey and cook through
  • Add the coconut milk, fish sauce, palm sugar (you can replace this with brown sugar but palm lower in calories), lime juice and lemongrass and stir thoroughly.
  • Put the Pak Choi under the grill
  • Cook the noodles (rinse the water from the packaging and rinse through then simply pop then into a pan – no water required for 2-3 minutes)
  • Once you’re satisfied the chicken is cook through, serve and enjoy!

By replacing egg noodles with the Eat Water Slim Noodles you are saving almost 90 calories in this dish and therefore reducing your overall carb intake!

Some of you may think the calorie content of this dish is quite high, especially if dieting, however it is quite a big, satisfying dish and I am a firm believer of eating the right foods in the right quantities and enjoying it as opposed starving yourself only to reach for a snack an hour later because your meal did not satisfy you. I did that in the early days but since I eat the right quantities of the right foods I actually snack and eat a hell of a lot less junk food! I actually struggled to make my way through finishing this, the Slim Noodles are extremely filling, but I did eat late and I had just spent two hours in the gym!

Just think how many calories this dish would have if you ate out or got a takeaway!

If you do want to reduce the calories however you could try replacing the Turkey with Jumbo King Prawns (113g comes in at just 90 calories!)


Nutritional Value

  • 405 Calories
  • 11g Fat (7g Saturates)
  • 16g Carbs (4g Fibre, 3g Sugars)
  • 59g Protein!!!

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