Happy Birthday 2…. Jaime

Today was our daughter’s 2nd birthday!

Her second!!!

I honestly do not know where the last two years have gone! But I am delighted that she has, so far, turned into an amusing, independent, determined and gorgeous little girl (I know I’m biased – even with the broken tooth – broken via determination & independence I add).

Anyway, we decided to have a relatively quiet day just having family pop round to see her and deliver her presents but made a spur of the moment decision to head to Pizza Hut (I’d also been sent a 50% off voucher to try their new low calorie option so no cooking for me today!) John’s sister, her husband and our nephews along with our friends and their boys also came along with us for an impromptu celebratory tea.

All in all a really lovely day and we got her to bed and asleep for 8.30 even though all she wanted to do was play with her new kitchen (which is in her bedroom – we could be in for a bad night!).

Happy Birthday Jaime!!! We love you lots!

Mummy, Daddy & Stevie xxx




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