Herbalife Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar Review

I came across Herbalife whilst at my gym, they had a stand where you could try various products they had on offer.  I’m not going to go into the Herbalife plan or what other products they have on offer because to be honest I don’t really know much about it and two I could not live off shakes and supplements without REAL food! I’m a foodie, I love my food and always will so for someone like me a plan like this wouldn’t work.

However, when it comes to their Chocolate Peanut Protein Bars now that is another matter entirely!

I am generally a lover of all things Chocolate and Peanut, usually in the form of Chocolate Covered Peanuts or Peanut M&M’s though so maybe this was some way to get my fix and still be relatively healthy!

I have to say these are one of the most amazing protein bars I have ever tried! You would honestly think that you are eating something a little more naughty!Herbalife

The Nutritional Stats

  • 1 bar contains 140 calories which is pretty reasonable in the Protein Bar stakes, I’ve known other bars to be over 200 cals for the same size!
  • 4g of Fat (2g Saturates)
  • 15g of Carbs (10g sugars)
  • 10g Protein

I know Protein bars should generally be eaten after a good workout, but these are just too nice to save for a post-gym treat and if you compare this to a Snicker bar (although you get an extra 20g) you get 296 calories, 16.4g Fat, 31g Carbs and just 5.5g Protein plus a whole load or sugars and other undesirable ingredients! I know which one I am choosing!

For a pack of 14 they cost £12 which works out at 85p per bar! Other protein bars can cost around £2 per bar! A Snickers RRP is approx. 60p to compare – The Herbalife bar will however leave you feeling satisfied but safe in the knowledge you kept it relatively healthy!

To find a Herbalife distributor click here or if you are in Huddersfield and want to get hold of some then contact Matt Firth on 07979 227820 and tell him you got his details from Katrina.


What are your thoughts?

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