You wanna Pizetta this?

On Sunday we headed down to Pizza Hut for our daughter’s second birthday. It was a last minute decision, being over tired, having a house that resembles a bomb site and really not feeling any love for cooking I was sold on Pizza Hut when I received an email offering 40% off their ‘Less than 500 Calories Pizetta’ Pizza.

Pizza Hut offer the Pizetta in 3 options…

  • Shrimply Delicious – 470 calories
  • Chicken Delight – 460 calories
  • Virtuous Veg – 440 calories

The Pizetta is a triangular shaped pizza and is filling enough for one but is on a very light base which they need to take care not to overcook otherwise you end up with a very crunchy pizza. I had opted for the Chicken Delight, unfortunately though some parts of mine were overcooked, although it was rather tasty and would have been perfect had it have been consistently cooked – with such a thin base you really need to take care when cooking.


My gut feeling is if you want a decent Pizza Hut experience, get an 11″ Italian and share it! For example I could have had a Chicken Supreme on an Italian base for 510 calories and for that I would have got more pizza and probably felt a little more satisfied. It would be good to see the calorific breakdown per 100g as I have a feeling that going for a normal pizza between 2 or more of you may in fact be the better option. Overall the Pizetta is the type of pizza I would make at home to keep the calorie count (and cost) down.

BUT, if you are eating on your own or with people who go for stuff that blows your face off i.e. my husband then this is most definitely a good option! Well good when it comes to eating in a pizza restaurant! We can’t be good ALL the time, the success to a healthy lifestyle is knowing that you can be bad every now and again. Every now and again being the key words and every now and again does not mean every weekend!

Nutritional Info Energy (kcal) Protein (g) Carbs (g) Sugar (g) Fat (g) Sat Fat (g) Salt (g)
Chicken Delight Pizetta (Per Pizza) 461 24.52 55.12 8.11 15.02 6.01 1.89
Chicken Supreme (1/2 11” Italian) 510 (170 cals per slice when cut   into 6) 25.5 66.69 8.22 14.94 5.76 1.98 

There is also a Gluten Free option which is 9” Square with each slice (cut into 6) coming in at 168 calories per slice (Chicken Supreme) which I may try next time.

If you want to try the Pizetta, the 40% offer is valid until the 27th June and can be downloaded here.

2 thoughts on “You wanna Pizetta this?

  1. I recommend Pizza Express for well cooked healthy pizza! Their menu is fab, and if you have a Tesco Clubcard, you can get a £10 voucher for every £2.50 worth of Clubcard points! Such a variety, although watch the salads, the doughsticks and dressings can add up! Although you can ask for without and change for balsamic which is much less saturated with calories and fats!

    • Thanks Hannah!
      We don’t have a Pizza Express local to us – although there is one in the next town. Maybe with some proper thought we would potentially look at visiting there and trying out. Funnily enough though the eldest daughter won’t eat Pizza at Pizza Hut yet she will when we go to a place called The Milestone. It was just a very lazy decision to go to Pizza Hut on the promise of cheap pizza 🙂

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