Rodial Brazilian Tan – Review

Rodial PackagingSo we can’t all have that perfect skin shade and we know that spending too much time in the sun is bad for our skin, so for most people the only option is fake it!!! Well it certainly is in my case! My skin is naturally very pale and can burn quite easily and more often than not I go red then back to white so I either make do with being pale or I fake it!

I rarely fake it, but last night I finally got round to trying the Rodial Brazilian Tan that I had picked up on the front of Elle Magazine! Yep I’ve had it almost a month!

So due to actually having smooth pins from wearing my Proskins for the best part of a month, this was the perfect opportunity for some no flake tanning!

Elle were offering the Rodial Brazilian Tan in three shades – Clear, Light and Dark. I opted for light as I am naturally very pale, so didn’t want to end up looking orange.

Rodial is a firm skincare favourite in the celeb world with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Claudia Schiffer swearing by the brand, so I was keen to find out what all the fuss was about. The brand, established in 1999, is the brainchild of Maria Hatzistefanis whose beginnings started in beauty journalism and who now runs the Rodial empire which also includes brands such as Nip+Fab and Nip+Man. You can find out the latest from Maria by following her on Twitter – @MrsRodial

First off… Initial Thoughts

The tan didn’t have any obvious fake tan smell… already a winner in my eyes! The colour straight out of the tube appeared to be a caramel hue… none of this usual horrible browny black colour that you tend to get from a lot of self tanners.

Rodial Gel

I applied the tan using a mitt. I get quite dry hands (I’m currently using Rodial GLAM BALM Hand for this) so even after washing a number of times I still end up with those tell-tale fake tan marks around my knuckles and between my fingers and I find when I use a mitt I don’t get that.

I started to apply the tan and as soon as you rub in the colour disappears… this scares me! When doing a fake tan yourself you really need to make sure you cover absolutely every little bit of your body and I was concerned that I had maybe not got certain area or in some cases went over them twice ‘just in case’. I have woken up with a few white patches this morning and some areas a little darker than others. These are minimal however and is down to the application – next time I will take even more care and I’m sure it will come out perfect! I did put it on midweek as a trial before using for something significant so I can cope with the little mess ups as I’m not going anywhere special, but like I said – nothing majorly obvious!

Sometimes fake tans can generate a smell whilst they are developing. Not in Rodial’s case! There was no need to shower immediately this morning so I have tried to top up the white areas to even out. I’ll be hitting the gym later so will shower after and then report on  the staying power!

Overall however, I am impressed with the shade it has generated, once I sort out the application I think this could quite possibly be my go to tan! Especially whilst it’s on offer and with the Elle discount (see underneath picture).

Rodial Skin Sample

Elle are currently offering a 20% discount off any products purchased from Rodial by entering ELLE20 at the checkout. Not only that but the tan has been reduced from £35 to £27 so a great time to grab a bargain!

Also if you subscribe to Elle by 3rd July they are also offering Rodial’s Skincare On The Go Kit worth £35

Edited to add:

I tried this again making sure to take more time and pay more attention to the application. I applied a methodical process to ensuring all areas were covered, once again using a mitt. I am pleased to report that my hands and arms came off rather well but this could be due to the fact that I have managed to obtain a little bit of colour due to the recent warm weather we have had, however my legs looked streaky! Which resulted in an emergency dash down to the supermarket to pick up some Rimmel Instant Tan to fill in the blanks! Review to follow!


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