Proskins #28DayChallenge Results Roundup

So today marks the final day of my Proskins 28DayChallenge! I honestly can’t believe just how quickly time has flown!

I have really enjoyed the past 28 days, knowing exactly what I will be wearing for the day – well at least the bottom half. I am lucky in that I work from home so I can just pair the leggings with a tunic style top or rather a jumper! These are really light enough however to wear under work trousers if wearing on their own is difficult.

However if wearing them during the day is an issue then there is no reason why you could not wear at night. I did this for a week of the challenge and actually felt this was probably the easiest option for most people.

So what did the results bring? All measurements in CMs… Drum roll please…….

Area Start End Total
Hips 89 87 2
Top of Thighs 57.7 56 1.7
Widest Part of Thigh 54.4 52.7 1.7
Above Knee 40 37.3 2.7
Below Knee 34 32.5 1.5
Widest Part of Calf 37.3 36 1.3
Grand Total 10.9

I have to say I am impressed! Even after a number of washes the Proskins are still ensuring I have smooth, moisturised legs which is something that with regular moisturising just didn’t deliver!

Here you will find a picture of me shrinking over the last 28 days too! Sometimes you don’t think you are seeing the results until you compare to how you looked in the past and using the same outfit and as near as poses as possible really helps with this (mine wasn’t intentional BTW – I hate having pictures taken!)


The 28DayChallenge is still open where you can get the leggings for 50% off RRP, so if you want to take part then don’t delay and sign up here!

I will add that throughout the course of the challenge I have continued with my healthy lifestyle – aside from the week where the hubby was away and I caved into sweet treats. I have not drastically reduced the intake of food, I eat better at a slight deficit. I work out 3 times a week mainly doing class based activities but this is something I have done for the last 5 months. Most classes include muscle toning so I would have expected certain areas of my legs to actually increase in size.

I’m now onto my next challenge of stepping up using weights to trim that waist some more and have an overall more toned body!

Wish me luck!

Katrina x

p.s. I plan to try this challenge again once I am at the maintaining stage of my fitness journey – see what happens then! Report back in a few months!


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