Miso Hungry

OK, that is a really tacky headline but I just couldn’t help myself!

So then, Miso Soup…

Miso is a Japanese soya food that is said to make a rich, satisfying soup. It is also said to have many health benefits and is attributed to long healthy lifestyles of the Chinese and Japanese population.

I keep reading about it, hearing about it but have never actually got round to trying it, that is until now.

On the day I had it I hadn’t had the best days for eating, waiting in for shopping to be delivered and running the kids round to various activities I had got through the day on a Danio yoghurt, 2 poached eggs on wholemeal toast, Protein Shake with a little added peanut butter, protein bar and then a tuna sandwich, some crisps and a little chocolate cake. By time the kids were in bed I fancied something to eat but didn’t want anything too heavy or too calorific, so Miso Soup seemed the perfect choice!

I had picked up a packet of Clearspring Organic Miso Soup with Sea Vegetables from the special products section at Sainsburys. A pack contains 4 servings and is priced at £3.99. Certainly not cheap for some soup, especially one that is presented in a packet in powder form that you add hot water to, so I am really hoping that some of the health benefits do actually come true.

Miso Soup

The appearance was that of a typical Asian style soup, but it did seem a little bitty, even after giving it a good few stirs before eating.

Miso Soup 3

It had a relatively nice flavour and I did enjoy it, but I just felt that there was something missing, perhaps more vegetables or noodles?

The soup came in at just 29 calories so absolutely nothing and it certainly helped fill a hole (even though I did go on to have a glass of wine and a small serving of chocolate peanuts – I’m fine I was just over my calorie intake for the day, but was considerably under from the day before so it all evens out). It is also pretty high on the protein content when you consider what this actually is so it should go some way to keeping you fully for longer.

Miso Soup 2

I think this soup is definitely a good idea for those following a calorie controlled diet and perhaps have more of an issue with the physical act of eating i.e. needing to sit and eat something as opposed to actually being hungry.

Overall I did enjoy it, I liked the flavours and it is something I would eat again without hesitation but I would perhaps add some noodles just to make it a little more filling.

I would be interested to hear about other brands of Miso or even recipes as to how I could make my own. If the health benefits really live up to the claims then this is a dish I want to eat regularly! Suggestions please!


What are your thoughts?

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