Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

No that’s not me, but a programme I finally got round to watching after hearing various reviews about it.

It followed the journey of Australian Joe Cross, who was 100 lbs overweight, reliant on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, as he attempts to regain control of his health.

After living on a cocktail of pills and visiting a number of doctors both from a medical and alternative backgrounds he decided to do a juice fast. Joe spent 60 days surviving purely off juices in an attempt to give his body a service and more importantly a rest from processed foods in the effort to kick start a healthier lifestyle with the aim of it being a change for life. Joe chose to do the fast whilst in the US so that he was somewhere where temptation would be in his face every day. If he could do it there, he could do it anywhere!

Now I am not saying you should all live off juice, personally I don’t think I could as I think it lacks vital nutrients that your body needs, especially for those with active lifestyles. But for some people this could be the answer to help them get rid of bad habits, get used to natural flavours and make a change for good.

It also showed how by taking control of your diet and how by eating natural produce as opposed to processed foods can really have a big impact on your health. By the end of the juice journey Joe was pretty much off all medication and had started to increase his fitness levels taking up running, swimming and joining a gym. He really did make a radical change and it was impressive! He actually kinda resembled Gerard Butler by the end of the programme. Plus he was pretty loaded with an impressive job, so with him in shape he is certainly a catch for a lucky lady!

What was even more impressive was that on his juice journey he met another man, Phil, at a truck stop with the exact same condition.  Sceptical and like a lot of other people he didn’t think he would have the willpower to undertake such an extreme. However, upon Joe’s arrival back to Australia he received a phone call from Phil asking for Joe’s help. Phil was morbidly obese, weighing in at 429lbs and desperate to make some changes. After visiting doctors they approved him to start a 10 day challenge, all went well and he eventually progressed to 60 days. He lost an impressive amount of weight which I think was the equivalent to 9 bowling balls!

For anyone that is unhappy with their weight and wants to watch a programme about someone going through the same issues without it being condescending or in your face then you really should watch this. It’s available for a few more days yet and is very insightful. Joe came across as a great guy and there was many heart warming moments that will really make you think about your diet and your health.

Although I don’t think I could undertake something as drastic as this challenge – even for a few days, I really liked Joe’s mind set and felt a connection with his personal challenge and that of my own. I want these changes to be something that becomes a natural part of my lifestyle and that is what Joe wants too. It was also interesting to hear how shop bought juice products, no matter how natural and without sugar they claim to be, lack a lot of nutrients that you would receive from juicing yourself due to them having to be pasteurised to pass safety controls. With that in mind I shall only be juicing fruit from now on!

What I have also noticed since January when I really put my energy into getting healthier, is that it is finally starting to rub off on my family members. My husband will quite happily munch on Cabbage Chips (with a spicy seasoning of course – but 300 calories less than a big bag of crisps) and my girls eat much more fruit and this is something that I want to continue.

I wish Joe and Phil the best of luck!

Joe Cross

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