Embarking on Personal Training…

Well, I have found out that I will be getting one of the items from my birthday wish list… Personal Training at Pure Fitness Gym!!!

I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am about it. I won’t be starting until the end of August as the trainer has a holiday coming up, is back for a week or two then I disappear for a fortnight, so I thought best to wait until I’m back and then work off any pounds I may have put on whilst on an All Inclusive holiday.

Believe me though, I won’t be using starting PT as an excuse to over indulge, I’ve worked hard for what I have achieved so far so plan to eat healthy and exercise where possible. I know it’ll be hard, I have resigned myself to putting on a few pounds, if anything I’m more worried about losing muscle tone!

Throughout my PT journey I will be blogging and taking regular pictures to show the changes along the way and the progress being made.

I will be having 2 sessions a week over a period of 4 weeks, so far that is all I know!

Watch this space!


Image pinched from Gymbags & Gladrags She won’t mind 🙂


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