Keeping Cool… without the calories

With the weather as it is as the moment I appear to have identified reasons why I eat!

  1. The heat – I think I actually eat more when it’s hot!
  2. When I’m fed up!

Obviously  I’m trying to keep cool without overindulging on ice creams, yoghurts and fruit juices, plus yesterday I wasn’t having the best day. All I wanted to do was eat!

Generally it was pretty good stuff but by the end of the day I caved and had 2 glasses of wine and half a share bag of Peanut M&M’s.

Today I vowed to have a better day so set about getting prepared.

So these are what have kept me cool and (relatively) indulgent free!


Frozen Grapes

Super quick and easy to make – rinse, bob in the freezer… boom! Kinda like eating ice cold chewits! If you want the more detailed recipe you can find it here.

Iced Tea

I have never (properly) had Iced Tea before aside from the one you can buy ready made before promptly throwing it away.

So, not being one to discount a homemade Iced Tea I quickly threw together x2 Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea Bags, sliced up about an inch of fresh ginger and a tablespoon of honey, added some hot water, gave it a stir and allowed the flavours to infuse before removing the tea bags and ginger (I saved the ginger so I could add to the drink later). I used about 800ml of water so should get x3 drinks out of this. 1 Serving is 22 calories.

Allow it to cool then pop in the fridge. Make sure you also have some ice cubes ready!

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised and have easily got through this! In fact the ice cubes are still frozen so I just topped up the glass with some plain water.

nakd Crazy Cola Raisins

I’m a massive fan of the Nakd range from Natural Balance Wholefoods and was absolutely delighted when I was gifted one of their mixed boxes which includes a variety of Snack Bars and Raisins yesterday. I am working my way through the contents before blogging about it. I’ve already had the Cherry and Lime Raisins so today it was time to try Cola. Not being a massive fan of cola in the drinks variety, I was pleasantly surprised by these. They taste just like Cola Bottles but so much healthier!

Brita  Marella Jug

I bought my Brita a couple of months back with the aim of drinking more water. It certainly has done that!

I love having ice cold water on hand and this is ideal for quickly grabbing a cold glass of water, making up individual drinks and if you have kids and tend to have a jug of pop constantly made up in the fridge I use water from the Brita to ensure it has had impurities removed and so that they have a nice cold drink instantly.

So… What are your tips for staying cool but not consuming too many unnecessary calories?


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