Getting Nakd

This week I was gifted a Mixed Box from Natural Balance Wholefoods.

Natural Balance Wholefoods are a British company, their products are 100% Vegan, use only natural ingredients and are gluten, wheat and dairy free. What’s not to love?

I opted for The Nakd Celebration Box so I had the opportunity to try a range of their Snack Bars and Raisins.

Nakd Wholefoods

The box arrived in perfect time, I was suffering from a mid-morning lull and in desperate need of a quick fix.

Snack Bars

Introducing Cashew Cookie!

I’m usually a lover of all things chocolate so I decided to be a little daring. Cashew Cookie was definitely worth substituting chocolate for! It’s like eating cookie dough but the ingredients only contain dates and cashews! How is that possible?

Also in the box were the following flavours

  • Cocoa Orange
  • Cocoa Delight
  • Berry Delight
  • Banana Bread
  • Apple Pie

Calorie wise you are looking at a maximum of 145 calories (Cocoa Orange) The breakdown of carbs, protein etc. is all fairly reasonable too, but you have to remember these are natural products you are consuming and all the snack bars contribute to 1 of your 5 a day. Much better than consuming some confectionary!

I compared the snack bars to another health brand and found that although the other brand came in slightly under calorie wise, it had a hell of a lot more items in the ingredients list. For me personally I would rather have a few extra calories but have something much more superior. I also think that the Nakd Snack Bars have much more flavour to them too.

Cashew Cookie definitely has to be my favourite so I am glad I had the opportunity to try this box as I would have generally gone for a chocolate variety, although I would love to try the Cocoa Mint! (They currently have some short dated one’s on offer, working out at under 42p a bar)

Raisin Packs

In the box came

  • Cherry
  • Cola
  • Lime

I have tried Cherry in the past and am a regular eater of them so I was eager to try an alternative.

I opted for Lime in the first instance… wow, what an intense hit! You could say these are sharp, but it was a delicious hit of lime. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Moving on to Cola. In general I do not drink Cola based drinks, I find they leave a horrible aftertaste. However, I do love Cola bottles and this is exactly how these tasted. Cola bottles but of the health variety!

The packs of Raisins come in at 68 Calories but are once again just 3 ingredients… Raisins, Citric Acid and Natural Flavouring and again count as 1 of your 5 a day!

The Nakd Celebration Box

The box retails for £13, with that you receive 18 products which averages out to 72p per product. Generally if you buy these in a shop or if you choose a confectionary item you are looking at paying around this amount, so I think this is great value for a healthy snack item.

Free standard delivery is also included so there are no hidden shocks when you purchase!

Great products, great service from a Great British company!

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