My Favourite New Snack… Oatcakes & PB

There’s no way you would have caught me eating these at the beginning of the year, instead I would be justifying how for only a few more calories I could have a chocolate bar.

Oh how things have changed!

Introducing Nairns Oat Cakes topped with The Protein Works Super Crunchy Peanut Butter (Don’t forget if you are a new TPW customer to enter KC18322 in the registration page to be gifted a free pack of protein powder)

Two of these with a generous serving of peanut butter total 163 calories and stop me from crashing when I need some energy – unlike chocolate bars!

Someone is probably gonna come along and tell me to eat even better, but this is a major improvement on 7 months ago – who knows what I’ll be on in another 7 months!

But for now, I love it!

For those who require a gluten free diet, Nairns also offer a gluten free range



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