Introducing Gourmandize UK & Ireland… Your go to for meal inspiration

Read-my-interview-on-Gourmandize-UkIreland (2)This week I was interviewed by Gourmandize UK & Ireland, a free recipe sharing website with its origins in France. It is a place for users to be able to share their own recipes and rate and comment on recipes by other members.

The interview discusses my blog, why I started it, my favourite foods and my earliest food memory along with a few tips.

Gourmandize are also offering you the opportunity to create your own printed, high quality cookbook, delivered directly to your home. A great way to save your recipes forever. Be proud of your own recipes as they are part of your heritage and sharing and passing on recipes are great ways to keep your traditions and culture alive! Its something that I will certainly be doing!

Fancy some inspiration for your next meal then have a look at the Gourmandize site.

Gourmandize-UK-loves-this-blog (2)

What are your thoughts?

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