Rest Day = Deep Tissue Massage

This week I finally got round to using a groupon I had purchased for Complemed in Huddersfield.

The venue is clean, bright and just what you would expect from such a venue. After filling in my medical information we got underway, the choice was either a one hour sports massage or deep tissue massage which cost me just £18 (RRP for an hour is £30) so I opted for the deep tissue as I get a fair bit of tension in my shoulders which is a mixture of being active, carrying kids, poor posture and general stress.

Pav, my therapist ran through what he planned to do as we hadn’t identified any major issues. Part of my treatment also included assessing my spine and general movement, thankfully my spine is in pretty good working order (although it doesn’t feel it sometimes) which was good to hear as my mum suffers from severe back issues which have seen her having injections into her spine and being reliant on heavy medication to reduce the pain. The only issues I had were poor movement in the upper half of my back and restrictive movement of the neck.

After doing The Color Run, followed by 3 sessions in the gym I timed my booking just right!

Pav started off by using a heat treatment on my back whilst at the same time massaging the area using a machine that offered various levels of intensity. Apparently it is also used in the beauty industry to reduce cellulite, so maybe that back fat is on its way out 🙂 The use of this was also an aid to improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage amongst other benefits. This was followed by some hands on massage ironing out the numerous knots I had managed to accumulate.

Following the massage I was able to move much more freely and without tension. Pav also advised me on my posture, which I am trying my hardest to undertake along with undertaking some moves to stretch out my spine.

All in all a lovely hour, I feel less ‘tight’ and a lot less stressed. Pav was friendly and made me feel at complete ease. Deep Tissue massage is definitely something I would look to undertake regularly to help recovery from sports injuries. Prices are extremely reasonable… £20 for half an hour and £30 for an hour.

Complemed is a franchise and facilities are available in Huddersfield, Altrincham, Birmingham and Leigh if you can’t make it to Huddersfield.



What are your thoughts?

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