Hello August copy

Pinch punch first of the month and all that!

I planned to post about August as it is a month of many things for me. But after seeing the above image on my friend, Jen’s Twitter and a post on Gemsmaquillage about #AwesomeAugust it prompted me to pull my finger out and get this written!

So it’s August! How exciting!

I mean that without the sarcasm, I am truly excited about it being August for many reasons…. the first of which being I turn 30 this month! I have been a little daunted by the prospect of this milestone, but to be honest I actually can’t wait! This year so far has been pretty amazing for me and has brought a number of positive changes!

I may be about to turn 30 but I feel and look so much better than I did when I was 20 (well I think so anyway) feel free to disagree 🙂

My 20’s were also pretty hard, being 20 / turning 21 was a pretty crap time. I was pregnant with the baby we lost, I was at my heaviest and it was generally a very, very dark time for me which pretty much continued throughout that decade. To think you failed so many people as well as your own child is a lot to bear and there were many times when it almost was. I managed to survive through it… just! And I now have two amazing girls who I couldn’t be more proud of, they really have made each day worth living even when they tell me to ‘go away’ and close their bedroom door! Yep, my 2 year old did this! So in a way I am glad to see the back of my 20s!

It is also my younger sister’s birthday too – so an advance Happy Birthday for Monday!

I also get the results of my CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications this month too. This has been a huge drain on me over the last 3 years but I have managed to achieve grades varying from A-C whilst holding down a full-time demanding job, two young children and a husband! All I need is a C or above on my final assignment and my Diploma is complete and will be a huge weight off my shoulders.

We are also going on our first two week holiday in 4 years! I honestly can’t wait, two weeks in the sunshine (or rather the shade – we are heading to Egypt!) which is the perfect opportunity to have some uninterrupted quality time with my family. I definitely need more regular holidays and mini breaks. In fact I was meant to have a girly holiday for my 30th but this year has been pretty hectic so that is being pushed into next year… it is happening! Miami anyone?

My husband and I will also be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary and at the same time our 13 year anniversary from the day we met. We’ve had some tough times and a few knocks along the way, but I feel that as I turn 30 and due to the positive changes I have inflicted upon myself that we will move forward stronger, happier and enjoying life a lot more! In fact I recently dedicated P!nks latest song True Love to him because it pretty much describes our relationship. I love you! Sorry I’m such a pain! And just to add he is pretty amazing, it’s me that’s the hard work! I’m very lucky to have not only a wonderful husband but an amazing friend, dad for my children and someone who has a little OCD when it comes to cleaning!

Although it looks unlikely that I am going to meet my target weight loss before I hit 30 (I set this back in January) I am really happy with the progress so far and have altered my goals along the weight to be much more than weight loss. I am pretty impressed with the progress I have made, rather than being just skinnier I feel to have toned up and although I actually put a couple of pounds on recently I know this is down to increased muscle mass. I’ve been working harder since the schools broke up as my eldest daughter is either at family or holiday clubs which means I can hit the gym early after dropping my youngest daughter off at nursery which is usually around 7.30am!

I will also be starting personal training once I am back from my holiday so that should really sort out those areas I want to get sorted! Scary, but exciting stuff!

Finally, we are undertaking a major house renovation! We have a fabulous spacious house with an open plan kitchen, dining and sun lounge which opens out onto a large garden. However as we have a decent amount of land to the side of the house we have decided to double the size of the dining / sun lounge area, install bi-fold doors, make the patio larger and level off the garden and replace the kitchen. Work is underway, the house currently represents a bomb site but it is going to look awesome once complete… maybe not by the end of August as we want it to be perfect but it should be in perfect order by Christmas at the latest! House Party anyone?!

Here are some pictures of the work done so far! I can’t wait to share with you the finished renovation!

House RenovationsHouse Renovations 2So what are you doing to have an #AwesomeAugust?

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4 thoughts on “#AwesomeAugust

    • Thank you Gemma!

      It was difficult to write, after all did I really want to share something so deep? But as I approach a new decade I am treating it as clearing out my closet and letting go of the negative things that have been holding me back!

    • Thank you lovely!

      Believe me, I do feel proud of myself. It may have been a shit time but I have also done a lot to support others unfortunate enough to go through the same experience and I am proud of that.

      But now, it’s time to be a little selfish and put me, John and our girls first!

      And I know weight isn’t important anymore, that is something I have learnt along this journey. Back in January I was like I want to weigh X. As things have progressed and I have expanded my knowledge it’s been less about what the scales say but about how I feel, how clothes fit, what the tape measures say and body fat reducing. It will however come down to how good I look in a bikini on holidays!

      Even if I do hit my weight target which with PT I don’t see being too difficult as it’s only 6lbs I know I will be a million times in better shape than I was when I last weighed it!

      Let’s hope my meal out tonight doesn’t undo too much work 🙂 xxx

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