Sage Nutri Juicer Plus Review

This week I have been familiarising myself with my latest gadget and what an impressive gadget it is.

Introducing the Sage Appliances Nutri Plus, a range created in collaboration with Heston Blumenthal, who is one of my most influential chefs!

Sage Nutri Plus Juicer

Sage Nutri Plus Juicer 2

I purchased the Nutri Juicer Plus after my husband watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and encouraged me to watch it too.

Although I’m not undertaking a juice fast I wanted to have a gadget that allows me to create healthy juices that haven’t gone through all the processing that shop bought juices have to go to to meet strict food standards and trust me they taste so much better!

Sages Nutri Plus Juicer Nutritional Yield

Upon opening the box I was greeted with a variety of fixtures and fittings so I ensured I read through the instructions before using… This juicer (at £199.99) was by no means cheap so I didn’t want to break it!

Sage Nutri Juicer Plus - Parts

Assembly was very simple once I got to grips with the instructions.

After reading through and identifying that I had a few basic ingredients in the house I threw together an Apple, Carrot & Ginger juice… Delicious! (Note. Picture below shows ingredients for a different juice – just throwing together and hoping for the best!)

Sage Nutri Juicer Plus - Juicing

Sage Nutri Juicer Plus - Juicing2

The juicer was unbelievably quiet… Much quieter than my low end blender / food processor that I have been using over the past few months and results in a much smoother juice too.

The reason I chose this particular juicer is that I wanted the ability to juice vegetables and I have heard from other people how with other juicers you can only juice fruits, now as a veg lover this was a no brainier! Being able to juice veg too means less sugar!

The Nutri Juicer Plus is the middle model in the Nutri Juicer range, it has a slightly more powerful 1300w motor vs. the Nutri Juicer’s 1200w, the plus also offers a digital display that displays the 5 speed settings whereas the Nutri has just two. it also displays fruit icons so you know which speed to choose without having to refer to the instructions. It also has a slightly bigger jug capacity 1.2litre vs 1litre. As with the Nutri it includes the Nutri disc with titanium blades and a stainless steel mesh in order to extract more juice. The top end model, the Pro, has a 1500W motor and all the features of the Plus, but I just didn’t feel it warranted the extra cost.

All the juicers have an extra wide food chute which allows you to put in full produce such as apples which makes preparation quick and easy. Anything with a hard stone e.g. a pear needs cutting in half and the stone removing. I also remove peel from citrus fruits. Creating a juice is relatively quick & easy and you can throw one together in a matter of minutes.

The Plus (and the Pro) also has a second disc called a Froojie disc which ensures maximum yield of soft fruits such as bananas, strawberries, tomatoes and much more. This disc not only allows for 100% fruit juice smoothies but also the ability to create dips, sauces, soups and ice cream!

I thought for that these features were worth the extra £50 as once the weather cools I plan to make more soups, but obviously healthier that shop bought ones.

Now onto cleaning!

I was warned that cleaning a juicer is pretty much a nightmare! Not the Nutri Plus… Line the pulp container with a small bin liner and that eliminates one part to be cleaned, two of the other parts can be put in the dishwasher, the Nutri Plus disc however I wash by hand using the cleaning tool provided which takes only a few minutes. This results in a nice clean juicer to use the following day.

As a note I do not clean the juicer after every juice, instead I wait until the end of the day as our dishwasher is always full by the end of the day. So far I have juiced at least 4 times a day as the husband is having juices much more often than me.

The juicer does take up a fair bit of work top space, however for what you get out of it it is most certainly worth it!

Just having the juicer this week has resulted in less food waste too! Some grapes that would have been in the bin in the next few days got used up as did some carrots too! I also love being able to show my kids how products are created from fresh ingredients and how they are so much healthier than the items you pick up from the supermarket.

I know people have various concerns about juicing as you are not consuming the pulp or the fibres but as a family that have a generally good intake of fruit and veg, having a juicer has resulted in an even higher veg intake which can only be a positive thing?

It is also noted that the waste can be used within cooking (not sure what cooking though – I will have to investigate) or for compost which once our home improvements are complete I plan to do.

How could it have been improved?

What I felt was missing from the package was a little recipe book that includes, juices, smoothies, soups and all the other things it says you can create and perhaps a very simple do’s and don’ts because I do sometimes feel that I am referring constantly to the instruction book to ensure I am doing absolutely everything correctly because I don’t want to break this little beauty.

Sage Booklets

Sage Instructions & Heston’s Tips & Techniques

Sage  Tips & Techniques

Inside of Heston’s Techniques (4pp flyer)

One more thing that I am generally unsure of is that it recommends the Froojie disc for softer fruits, but sometimes I create a juice that has a mixture and for this I just use the Nutri disc as I honestly can’t imagine them recommending switching discs part way through juicing!


I’m impressed with this gadget and would love to try other products from the Sage Appliances range… Especially the Kitchen Whizz Pro or the Control Grip All in One after my food processor finally died on me… Did it not realise I needed just a few more months from it whilst I had my new kitchen installed?

I know lots of people say not to drink your calories, but this stuff is super filling and as long as you are watching the rest of your diet I don’t see why you can’t wash your lunch down with a super tasty juice! I actually managed to lose 2lbs this week whilst still eating normally (on a slight calorie deficit) and exercising plus adding a couple of small juices to my day.

Honestly, how could not getting these colourful creations into your diet not be a good thing?!



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