It’s been a while…

I want to apologise to all my regular readers for being quiet of late but I have good reason for being so.

Since returning from holiday, where I managed to eat healthily and maintain my weight, we have come back to a major renovation project on our house which you may already be aware of.

We have an open plan kitchen, dining room and sun lounge of which we have extended the sun lounge and dining area to almost double the size and installed bi-fold doors – which look totally amazing!

We returned from holiday to the extension build phase complete but have since then been planning where we want electrics, stripping wallpaper, laying floors and ripping out the existing kitchen.

During this time I have also been away with and absolutely crazy busy with work which has left me working a number of evenings too, all of which has impacted upon my health and fitness regime!! Don’t worry I’m not getting lazy, as soon as things are in order I will be back on it!

Since we have had no kitchen I have struggled to cook healthy meals, most of which I generally do from scratch and instead we have been opting for eating out, takeaways and my idea of hell… microwave meals. I have tried to eat healthy where possible, but we have a lack of storage at the moment (pretty much just the fridge and freezer!) You will not believe the emotional turmoil I went through to actually put microwave meals through the till, not only for myself but my children too. I just don’t think they shouldn’t eat them unless absolutely necessary i.e. in our case of not having a kitchen. I have to say though our girls are used to home cooked food and have mostly turned their noses up at these unhealthy options.

I’ve also struggled to make time for the gym as when John get’s home from work he is making a start on DIY so I can’t exactly ask that he watches the kids instead so it’s a small sacrifice I have had to make for getting the room done at both a cheaper cost and before our eldest daughter’s birthday. Plus it will be absolutely amazing and we even have exposed steel work which will be great for chin ups… when I finally master them.

So over the last 3 weeks whilst this has been going on I haven’t weighed myself, the batteries ran out thankfully! However, once I am back on track I plan to do so, I haven’t measured myself either, although I know my the lack of healthy eating and exercise is taking a massive toll on my body and here is why…

  • I am getting spots… I’ve had the odd one or two in my adult life but not to this extent
  • I look and feel bloated constantly
  • My nails are weak and brittle
  • I feel tired
  • I constantly crave crap food which is a never ending cycle
  • My clothes feel tight & don’t (well I don’t think) look as good!
  • I am grumpy because I am not eating well and don’t have that time during the week to unwind, de-stress and have fun whilst exercising!

I have established during these last few weeks that I am an all or nothing girl and that I cannot wait to get back to my healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating and exercising just go hand in hand and the positive changes I put in since the beginning of the year have certainly become engrained and had a massive impact on my life moving forward. So, once this kitchen is installed any remaining junk food will be going and a massive healthy shop will be undertaken.

At this time I will also be embarking on my personal training finally! It really didn’t make sense to undertake it if I was fuelling my body with junk!

So upcoming blog reviews will be coming soon, these include…

For now though I shall leave you with some pictures of the renovation! Although I can’t wait to share with you the finished look! Expect plenty of new recipe posts cos I can’t wait to show off my new kitchen!

Dining area, sun lounge & kids chill area

Kitchen removed!

Dining Room / Kids chill out area / Sun lounge plastered

Kitchen plastered

Sun Lounge - tiles going in


What are your thoughts?

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