My Girls Birthday…. 8!

Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday… unbelievably she is now 8!

This time 8 years ago she was just a few hours old having been born at 5.45am, 7 weeks early and after a long labour (not as long as Jaime’s however!) weighing just 4lb 12oz which for a preemie was pretty good, although we were prepared for her early arrival. She was and still is our much wanted rainbow baby.

She is now at that age when she drives me completely bonkers, she fidgets, she can’t sit still, she doesn’t listen and mothers her younger sister but I can’t quite describe just how much I love her and how proud of her I am. She is a beautifully kind, creative, caring, artistic and talented individual and I adore watching the person she is growing into. I love that she adores things such as art and books with such a passion – her life plan is to become an artist, earn lots of money so she can buy herself a house, a car, a dog, travel and donate money to charity, especially Tommy’s! I wish I had such aspirations at her age!

All I want to say Stevie is Happy 8th Birthday, I love you more than you will ever understand x


17th November is also World Prematurity Day . It is an international day to raise awareness of the 15 million babies born prematurely around the world each year.


What are your thoughts?

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