Meal Planning

Now the kitchen is pretty much complete I am keen to get back on track and run an organised household whilst creating healthy, nutritious homemade meals for the whole family.

So, the plan for this week is as follows…

Meal Planner

I also plan to cook nearly all these meals in my slow cooker (can you believe this after finally getting the use of my hob and oven back!) – mainly so that extra portions can be made and frozen for future use and so that on the days where everyone is eating at different times, different meals don’t have to be created.

In general we all eat the same foods, there is no way I plan to spend my evenings cooking different meals to suit different individuals and I find it very important that children eat as little processed foods as possible otherwise what sort of adults are we creating?

There are some exceptions to this rule though – Monday’s Stevie is usually round at her Grandma’s, Thursday’s she has swimming so we allow her to have a fresh pizza from the pizza counter at Sainsbury’s (she only has 1/2 10″ thin base topped with chicken and sweetcorn) and sometimes a protein shake. Fridays the kids may also have something early on as it’s the only day that we pick up from school and then have to get sorted ready for Brownies at 6pm! Otherwise we try eat all the same dishes and all together – no TV!

I will post the recipes and pictures for each of these meals to give you some mealtime inspiration (today was supposed to be #MeatFreeMonday and we were planning on the Mushroom Stroganoff but the mushrooms are bad! Not good!)

How do you go about planning your meals for the week…. are you organised or do you see what you fancy on the day?

What are your thoughts?

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