Whoever said it got easier lied! The PT Diaries

Week 2 of personal training (sessions 3 & 4)

Don’t get me wrong I have no plans to give up or give in at any stage but my goodness PT is hard! Especially once you have awoken muscles you never knew existed, getting back to the gym and pushing yourself through that pain is hard and I mean hard.

This week we did a lot of work to address my heart rate and my overall poor cardio performance – quite frankly I have never been a fan of cardio and much prefer getting myself using the weights or in a class – did I tell you how great the classes are at Pure Fitness? I thought so! So if you haven’t tried them yet then what are you waiting for?

So lots of work on the bike (I hate the bike, it hurts my rear, but needs must!) doing HiiT. I am quite getting into HiiT, I like the feeling of really pushing myself for short bursts, as endurance really isn’t my thing. Your legs will kill and feel like jelly but seeing the calories burnt on my Heart Rate Monitor really does push me on.

We mixed up the 2 sessions this week with session 3 doing lots of core work e.g. side twists, core board (a twisty piece of kit that goes on the ground and you swivel it), planks (normal and side) along with using the TRX to work on the shoulders and back. (Total of 573 calories burnt)

Session 4 featured the same amount of cardio work and focus on core exercises but we got to do barbell squats – I really love using the Barbell, it makes me feel really empowered and like I can take anything on. I did a bit longer on the bike in order to understand how my heart rate works – within seconds of undertaking high intensity it shoots up to around 190bpm so I concentrated on that and worked out how long it takes to recover down to around 140bpm – of which it takes 2 minutes. I kept up with this for a total of 12 minutes and it would appear that the 2 minute recovery when on the bike is normal for me but towards the end that had reduced slightly. (524 calories burnt)

After this session the gym had some people from MyZone come in to do a demo of how their product works – I’ll review this is a separate blog post but it was fun taking part in trialling this product out with the Pure Fitness staff and I think it would be a great addition to the gym – especially from a Personal Training POV. I believe having my Polar FT7 has really helped shape my PT sessions in order to get the best from them so anything that gives the trainer more insight to how the trainee is performing on the inside will definitely be of benefit and help get even better results! (209 calories burnt – they sent me an email after my session!)

Not only that I went to the gym on Saturday morning and got a little competitive taking part in a 1000m rowing machine challenge! Jeez! My legs turned to lead at the end of that (it took me approx. 4m 13s and I was in the lead as of Saturday) but with having the PT sessions behind me I made that free workout my best workout yet burning 431 calories in 50 minutes (I had to get home to run the kids around!)

Total burn this week 1684 calories (I also did an LBT class on Monday!)

More next week…


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