Bridesmaids, Back Fat & Blood Tests…

My bridesmaid dress turned up at the weekend – it was ordered in a size 10 back in August and appeared to require no alternations. Hmmm, how that all changed on Saturday when I went to try it on! I couldn’t fasten it up at the top around the bust! Cue a dash down to the dress shop to ensure that it had indeed been ordered in a UK 10 and not a US10. The result – I had put weight on – this I knew but I didn’t expect it to be around the chest / bust area! So lots of talk by the shop about how they could alter it which led me to respond with ‘back up a minute, I’ve had no kitchen for 2 months, it’s been Christmas AND due to building an extension I couldn’t get to the gym – ALL WILL BE FINE!’ (I hope I muttered under my breath).

So after that little piece of stress I also took myself along to the doctors on Monday morning to talk about my heart rate and how every now and again – mainly when relaxing I get a noticeableĀ irregular heartbeat. After my high heart rate getting picked up by Barry, my personal trainer I thought I really ought to get this checked out. Everything appeared fine in the check up – blood pressure normal, apparently my heart rate was normal at 77bpm but I have read that this is actually classed as below average (damn google!) BUT because of what I had said she wanted to do some blood tests. I am having calcium (bone profile), electrolytes & creatinine, full blood count and liver function tested for suspected hypothyroidism – in other words an under active thyroid which can actually lead to heart issues. Although I am no expert and I am staying away from Google until I have the results.

Along with this they want my to undertake a 24 hour ECG so they can get a full picture of what is going on – she has also advised that I wear this whilst exercising so they can see how I perform when doing so.

So that has been the start to my week…

On the plus side I am fine to continue with my PT sessions until my blood work comes back, I shall be getting Barry to focus on my back fat and ensure it is eradicated before the wedding! 11 weeks to go!


What are your thoughts?

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