Session 5… The PT Diaries

So we’re now at session 5 – where has the time gone? Finally I have managed to split the sessions down as opposed to doing a week overview just because I have been so busy – I have started another CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing and the husband has started a new job.

In this session I had to admit I was scared (plus I seem to be coming down with a bit of a sore throat) but after the bridesmaid dress / back fat issue I need to significantly up my game.

I updated Barry on the latest e.g. blood tests and how I desperately need to be able to get back into my bridesmaid dress in 11 weeks time (less if it needs alterations) or my sister will kill me and there is no way I am having it altered unless its to take the thing in!

Bearing all this in mind we made a start beginning with a number of stretches followed by 5 minutes on the cross trainer to get warmed up.

In this session we made a start with some side rotations using a weighted object 5kg undertaking 3 sets of 20 repetitions in order to work the core and sides before undertaking 3 x 12 sit ups with the aim of not resting the back on the floor when going down so that it worked my core harder. I’m usually rubbish at sit ups but having my feet against the wall made a huge difference.

Moving on we did a barbell squat and straight bar tricep push down circuit. Undertaking 12 reps on the barbell and then immediately 10 reps on the push downs. This was repeated 4 times allowing a rest period in between each overall set to allow my heart rate to recover to around 150. Barry noticed that when doing barbell squats I tend to lift my heels so place some small weights underneath my heels to prevent this from happening.

We then moved into the studio to undertake a further circuit which included the punch bag (I imagined hitting a few people :-)) shuttle runs, floor plank and clean and press with barbell undertaking each activity for 30 seconds with a brief rest period in between each activity.

After this we did some work on the arm machine (or that’s what its known to by me!) Facing forward with arms extended I had to pull the weight as far back as possible in order to work my back. This was done in 3 sets of 10, 6 and 2 (it definitely got harder towards the end).

It then came to the bike…. how I hate the bike! We did 5 minutes of HiiT but for some reason this week seemed harder – turns out the setting had been increased to 3 from 2 the previous week – so although I felt I was struggling it was actually an improvement!

We then moved on to using the TRX – a little differently to how its been used in previous sessions. This time with my hands on the floor and my feet in the stirrups I had to bring my knees to my chest. Again repeated in 3 stages with 6 repetitions per set – By the end of this my face was as pink as my top!

Then came the 10kg Core Bag – with it placed across my shoulders I had to undertake step ups in 10, 8, 6 on each leg before moving on to doing step ups with a raised knee again 10, 8, 6.

After which I finished off with 5 minutes on the cross trainer to cool down before doing some stretches.

Calories burnt this session… 702. 46 minutes of which were fat burning and 55 were fitness (cardio). Looks like the back fat may disappear after all!

I topped my session off with a banana protein shake with added frozen banana – after all I need to repair those muscles and get that toned physique. Just to add no ladies – doing weights and drinking protein shakes won’t turn you into a bodybuilder!


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