CB12 – Minty fresh breath…

I was recently sent some CB12 products to test out which is great as I have always been a little reluctant to try the products due to them being slightly more expensive that other mouthwash brands.

I was sent two full size, two travel size and two packets of their chewing gum to test out.

CB12 Mouth Rinse

This comes in two flavours, mild and mint menthol.

Personally I prefer the mint menthol as I feel that it has a more refreshing taste. Both are slightly different to other mouthwashes in that they leave a fairly dry / bitty  texture in your mouth and with the mild it is much more noticeable whereas the mint menthol leaves a much fresher feeling.

It is marketed as giving your fresh breath for 12 hours and whilst I don’t think that is the case it certainly leaves your mouth feeling much fresher for longer than other brands. When using on a night I definitely agree that my mouth is much fresher in a morning.

250ml retails for £14.59 at Boots

CB12 Boost

I’m a huge fan of gum and I always keep a tub of it in my car so this was the product I was most looking to try out, especially during the day after eating foods that can linger. The gum is like a dual candy. It is mint like on one side and gum on the other which when biting into breaks the mint, unleashes the freshness but unfortunately the mint just kills the gum as anyone who has ever had gum and had a sweet at the same time will know (surely everyone has done that?!).

The flavour was fantastic and immediately refreshed my breath but if I chewed for too long that feeling of freshness just went which was unfortunate.

I definitely wouldn’t buy these, at £4.99 for 10 I think they are certainly overpriced for the typical gum consumer.

£4.99 for 10 from Boots.


I’m not quite sure these products are for me, well certainly not for the price. I’m lucky in that I don’t think I really suffer from bad breath issues as I have quite good dental hygiene and tend to stick to foods that don’t cause too much offence but I can appreciate people having a need for these. I’d certainly use the mouth rinse again as I do think it lasts longer than other brands but I think CB12 could do with some further product work on the CB12 Boost.

CB12 mouthwash and gum

What are your thoughts?

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