Session 8… The PT Diaries – Results Day!

So session 8 has been and gone and what a session today was… within 10 minutes I felt like I hit a wall. It was such a come down after the high I experienced on Tuesday. After that session I felt all kinds of amazing and felt like I could do anything I set my mind to!

Today was another matter – I hurt, Tuesday was a hard session that left me with DOMS in practically every muscle – which is a good thing – it means you are working but unfortunately you do have to get back on the horse and get on with it! I did some yoga last night in the hope it would help stretch me out – it did but I felt so weak today!

However, today was also results day….

So here it is, this is what I have achieved in 8 sessions over a period of 4 weeks. Firstly my physical measurements.

A total of 10.7cm lost from those key areas that us ladies don’t love. There has been a gain in a couple of areas, but this is down to muscle mass and quite frankly for those areas in particular I am not too bothered. For me its all about the waist, hips and arms.


Moving on to body fat – once again a reduction in measurements, particularly around the waist area which is my main pet hate area, especially after 3 pregnancies and just really doing nothing about it!

Body Fat

In terms of how much I weigh, I have gained 0.5kg since commencing personal training… am I shocked, disappointed? NO! Look at the results above!

Muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less room, therefore when you are undertaking a fitness regime you should not rely on scales as a sole indicator of progress – if I did that I would be sat rocking in a corner no doubt munching on a bar of chocolate and knocking back copious amounts of vodka wondering why with all my hard work nothing is happening and in fact why am I gaining!

I’m pretty bloody proud of what I have achieved in just 4 weeks and this has been done with hard work and determination and a pretty awesome personal trainer. My diet is pretty good, I won’t lie it could be better and that is what I plan to work on over the coming weeks so I can really see some truly amazing results, but I achieve this from living a balanced lifestyle – exercise AND eating healthily. I haven’t undertaken any drastic juice fasts or attended slimming clubs where the focus is all on the weight. I have achieved this through pure hard work and do you know what I feel loads better, I have more energy, I am focused and determined and I am a lot more patient. Everyone can lose weight by undertaking extreme measures but what happens when you go back to your old ways? The time I didn’t have a kitchen is a prime example of going back to the old ways and I still have my work cut out to achieve the measurement loss I achieved over a good few months of attending the gym and classes.

I want to thank Barry for pushing me these last 4 weeks and for having faith in me. It was a slow start, especially as my fitness levels were unbelievably poor. My recovery from intense exercise was taking upwards of 2 minutes whereas now it is around 40 seconds, this is a major indicator in my level of fitness and something that we can continue to improve.

I’ll be continuing personal training up until my sisters wedding early April so I hope you will continue to follow my journey.

I would definitely recommend that if you don’t know where to start in a gym that you consider personal training and ladies – don’t worry about all those wobbly bits or looking like crap. They honestly don’t care – they are there to get you the results you want! So if you are in Huddersfield I definitely recommend you popping by to check out the gym and speak with the staff to see how they can help you.

So moving on from all that, this is what we did this morning!


Warm up

  • X-Trainer 5 mins

Abs Circuit x4

  • Seated side rotations 10each side using a 5kg ball
  • Mountain Climbers 30s
  • TRX Knee tucks 12

Watt Bike 3000m level1

Resistance Training Super sets X3

  • Arms
    • Cable Push down x 12
    • Cable curls x 10
  • Legs
    • Seated extensions x 10
    • Walking Lunges 12 each leg

Row 500m Level 9

HIIT Training on Battle Ropes x8

  • 20 second High Intensity
  • 40 second Rest


Total calories burnt 594 (total this week 1611)

Just to confirm my stats, I am 30, weigh 65kg and measure 163cm. Your calories burnt will depend on your age, weight, height and your health in general.

If any of you have tried following any of my PT session plans I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

My Girls Birthday…. 8!

Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday… unbelievably she is now 8!

This time 8 years ago she was just a few hours old having been born at 5.45am, 7 weeks early and after a long labour (not as long as Jaime’s however!) weighing just 4lb 12oz which for a preemie was pretty good, although we were prepared for her early arrival. She was and still is our much wanted rainbow baby.

She is now at that age when she drives me completely bonkers, she fidgets, she can’t sit still, she doesn’t listen and mothers her younger sister but I can’t quite describe just how much I love her and how proud of her I am. She is a beautifully kind, creative, caring, artistic and talented individual and I adore watching the person she is growing into. I love that she adores things such as art and books with such a passion – her life plan is to become an artist, earn lots of money so she can buy herself a house, a car, a dog, travel and donate money to charity, especially Tommy’s! I wish I had such aspirations at her age!

All I want to say Stevie is Happy 8th Birthday, I love you more than you will ever understand x


17th November is also World Prematurity Day . It is an international day to raise awareness of the 15 million babies born prematurely around the world each year.

Week 3 Proskins Review #TeamTrim

This week I completed my third week wearing the Proskins!

I have to say it’s rather nice waking up each morning and knowing that I only have to think about what to wear on the top half that I will probably continue to wear once my challenge is over on a regular basis!

So what did this week deliver?

First of all, the skin still feels great, I have been a little slack on the self moisturising due to a certain little girl going through the terrible two’s and having very limited time to get myself showered and fed on an evening, thankfully the Proskins have continued to live up to their promise of delivering smooth soft skin so I haven’t needed to worry too much!

So the measurements!


I’m impressed! I have started to feel a difference when I wear jeans – less of the embarrassing overhang and I don’t have to jump up and down to get in them!

As you can see the measurements are going in the right direction! The biggest improvement has definitely been on my thighs and above my knee!! What’s that about?!

  • Hips – 12mm down (15mm overall)
  • Top of Thighs – 12mm down (14mm overall)
  • Widest part of Thigh – 10mm down (17mm overall)
  • Above Knee – 13mm down (18mm overall)
  • Below Knee – Same (5mm overall)
  • Widest Part of Calf – Same (8mm overall)

Just a reminder that I forgot to record my starting measurements personally so there should in fact be a greater overall difference (I was hoping I would get an email confirmation from Proskins for my starting measurements but didn’t, for all the following weeks you do get an email confirming your measurements so you can track).

So, I now enter my final 7 days of my 28 day challenge! Looking forward to seeing the final results!

N.B. I will add that I have done the following exercise this week – this activity has been undertaken for months before I even started the Proskins challenge and my measurement reductions were minimal if at all!

  • Monday – LBT Class & 30 Minutes in the gym (528 Calories burnt)
  • Tuesday – 30 Minutes in the gym (313 Calories burnt)
  • Wednesday – Yoga & Power Hoop Class (544 Calories burnt)

This week I have lost 0.7kg (1.5lbs) and my body fat has reduced by 0.7%