Hi-Tec Luca Running Shoe Review + #Giveaway!

Hi-Tec Luca

The Luca’s are described as a minimalist running shoes featuring a reduced seam upper with welded support overlays for ultimate comfort. A ultra lightweight IMEVA midsole with rubber pod inserts deliver a low profile racing shoe feel for the recreational athlete.

Initial Impression

I was expecting the Luca’s in a different colour way (see below) and of course gutted that the trainers sent weren’t in the colour way shown on the Hi-Tec website. I am not a fan of baby pinks – hell I barely wear any colour but black, aside from when I’m in the gym where I will experiment with neons and brighter colours. I’m sure you’ll agree that this colour way is just funkier and I would even be quite happy wearing these casually.

Hi-Tec Luca Neon

The shoe felt very light in my hand, in fact they weigh only 210g, and the overall quality was quite impressive, especially as Hi-Tec is regarded by some as a low end brand. The only think I noticed was a Hi-Tec badge on one of the trainers had been put on slightly skewed but you would only notice this if you really got up close.

I did however think the black cheapened the look of the shoe as the front panel was a synthetic material which gave a plastic appearance. Having looked at the Luca’s available on the Hi-Tec website there are some really funky colour ways so I wouldn’t discount this shoe entirely.

The Fit

I personally feel that the sizing comes up a little big both length and the width, I am a 6 (and had a 6 sent) but I did feel like my feet could move around in them. When I’m undertaking physical activity I want a trainer that fits me snug and not one I have to worry about slipping or my feet slipping out of (especially if I’m doing spinning!). They would be great for undertaking class activities such as LBT as they are so light and when you are coming to the end of the class and feel like you can barely lift your feet off the ground these would be great – there are times in the past where I have taken my trainers off as my feet feel so heavy!

I’m aware that these trainers are specifically labelled as a running shoe, but even with running on the treadmill I just didn’t feel comfortable. Unfortunately I didn’t wear to my usual LBT class due to them feeling big – doing squats and your feet slipping is not great!

Had the fit been perfect then I may feel completely differently about this trainer. Especially as there are some great reviews of the Luca’s on the Hi-Tec website so if you are after a reasonably priced trainer / running shoe then the Luca’s are definitely worth considering – just take into account my thoughts on sizing!

Hi-Tec Wearing

So… as I don’t plan to wear these trainers again they are up for grabs!!

As I mentioned they are a size 6, but I do feel they would fit a 6.5 / 7 at a push!

As usual all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is the following.

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You only have to do at least one but the more you do the more chance you have of winning!

Only stipulation is you have to be a UK entrant due to postage costs. Competition ends 30th September at midnight.

Good luck!


Birthday Wishlist…

With my birthday in the not too distance future (it’s a big one) I thought I would create a little wish list of things I would like so friends and family know what to get me or what to contribute towards!

Unbelieveably most of my ‘wish’ items are fitness as opposed to fashion related! Something is seriously wrong with me!


So here we go…

Zaggora Hot Pants 2.0 Capri

I have wanted these for a good long while as would love to see if they really do live up to what they claim. Anything that makes me burn more calories whilst working out is a plus for me! Size S.

Shock Absorber Active

I’m not massive up top, but they do move about. I read that even an A cup bounces up to 4cm when doing exercise so keeping what I have in good shape is of utmost importance! I just love the bright colours! Hmmm not sure about sharing the size here 🙂

Proskins Galaxy

I am a major fan of Proskins after completing their #28DayChallenge. Not only did they make my skin amazing they were a key component in helping me reduce my measurements! I just love the Galaxy print – and for some reason I find that bright prints make me work much more effectively in a gym environment… its the only place I love colour! I’d also love a Black Matte pair for day to day wear! Size 8!

Nike Lady 8 Inch Filament Tight Running Shorts

I do not wear shorts at the gym, but I would like to eventually get to that point (with the help of slimming down and Fake Tan!) so these shorts look perfect, they also feature a back pocket which might just house my iPhone so I don’t have to resort to an arm band! Size S or 8/10.

Nike Lady Flirt Tank Top Vest

Just so I have something to match the shorts! This looks tight fitting enough, but loose enough round the waist to not have any embarrassing moments… I find you get them on the rowing machine! Size 10 (M).

Asics Lady Gel-DS Trainer 18 Running Shoes

I don’t have a clue when it comes to trainers! I just like them to look nice. The fact that these won ‘Best Shoe’ in the Runner’s World Personal Best Awards must count for something! Although I know I should wear a support shoe based on my foot arch / gait (and these come under that remit), which is why I tend to buy most of my trainers from SportsShoes.com I just rather liked the look of these and thought the purple would go rather nicely with the Nike products above! Size 6 please!

Adidas Womens Essentials Sports Bra by Stella McCartney

I know I have already listed a sports bra, but I am a major fan of wearing my Polar FT7 to work out, the problem is it relies on a chest strap to do the recordings, not really an issue but it would be nice to have one less piece of gear to wear. Having a sports bra with a built in chest strap is stuff of my dreams! Size S or 8/10!

Now on to some treat things!

Michael Kors Watch

I already own a bronze MK watch which I adore. It is the only watch that I have worn on a regular basis. There is a titanium one that I am coveting but I don’t think anyone is realistically gonna spend £600 on a watch for me. So this one will have to do! I love a big chunky watch as I like to feel there is a bit of weight behind it and that it is sturdy enough not to drop off. I also love how the watch face is a little different to other watches out there. There are however plenty of other alternatives I love in the MK range too, but this one just stands out! Alternatively I love the Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart Skull Watch! Wrist size 16cm.

Religion Lynch Leather Jacket

I saw this in store recently on display, but was unable to try on as they keep them locked away! At £380 I can understand why! This jacket is absolutely gorgeous although only 15% leather, I just love the distressed look and the studded detailing… I can dream. Failing that I love absolutely anything by Religion from their accessories to their clothing, so anything by Religion would be very happily received!

Diavolina Floyd Wedges in Black

I have these in grey and I absolutely adore them. So comfy and stylish. They really are my most favourite boot purchase. However I would love some in black, but tracking down a size 6 is an absolute bloody nightmare! So if you come across but don’t plan to buy them, please just tell me!

Black Heeled Sandals

I have been after some nice strappy sandals that I can wear with black jeans or a dress for a long time but just can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I had spotted some on Zara (see my pinterest) but they no longer seem to be available. I do also like these on Zara and also these from Office are rather nice! But I’m open to suggestions. I am however crap in heels, which is why I tend to stick to wedges!

Protein Pow(d)er Cook Book

I’m a little obsessed with using Protein Powder to cook with and am forever trawling the web looking for the latest recipes. Having a cookbook to pull out of the cupboard would be amazing!

NIP+FAB Bust & Tums Kit

Well even with working hard in the gym a girl could use a little help! Alternatively (or additionally) the Fitness Kit!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

I am a lover of anything Viktor & Rolf! Flowerbomb EDP is my signature perfume and I won’t wear anything else! So absolutely anything from the Flowerbomb range I would adore especially the Bomblicious Body Lotion!

Personal Training!

I’m not quite sure this is a treat, however I really would like my arse or rather my stomach whipping into shape. I do great in classes (I think) and I do alright on my own but would probably do better if I were getting shouted at!

Thomas Sabo Angel Wing Jewellery

I am a lover of all things Angel Wings from jewellery to clothing to artwork but these key pieces would go with the Thomas Sabo earrings I already own. Firstly the pendant and secondly the ring.

There are plenty of other things I would love but the above are my key items and how I am going to refrain from purchasing the majority myself I have absolutely no idea! I would in fact love a really decent digital camera but I have no idea where to even start! So recommendations please!

Illamasqua Make Up

After my makeover at Illamasqua the other month I am obsessed with their beauty range. I would love a pot of Hydra Veil, the Empower and Neutral Palette’s and absolutely any nail varnishes! In fact anything from the range will do!

Converse All Star Grey High Tops

I have some white All Star Ox that I have had a good few years and that I adore, but they are a nightmare to keep clean, especially when it does nothing but rain, so perhaps grey might be a better choice! Size 6.

Aside from that gift vouchers for high street stores or even spa days / treatments are very much appreciated!

FYI my birthday is 18th August and I shall be turning 30… Eeek!!!!

Week 2 Proskins Review #TeamTrim

OK, I really shouldn’t be recording this until tomorrow morning, but I doubt one day will make a difference! So here we have it, the results from week two of wearing my Proskins Slim Leggings.


As you can see the measurements are all reducing!

  • Hips – 3mm down
  • Top of Thighs – 2mm down
  • Widest part of Thigh – 6mm down
  • Above Knee – 5mm down
  • Below Knee – 5mm down
  • Widest Part of Calf – 6mm down

I wasn’t sure that there would be a change as I haven’t had the most active week due to my husband being away with work which means I have missed two gym classes and with a toddler approaching her terrible two’s I haven’t had my evenings to do some home workouts either.

What didn’t help either is the fact I also had a Peanut M&M’s Sharing Bag to myself on Monday evening followed by 5 Chocolate Digestives on Tuesday evening and a lovely Afternoon Tea yesterday – so if anything expected them to go up a little!

I am glad however that I have had the opportunity to wear whilst being fairly inactive so I can see if the product really does live up to it’s promises! Next week I will be back to classes 3 times a week so hopefully even more mm’s gone!

So this week I switched to wearing my Proskins on an evening just to try them out at night. I have been a little cold in them – but then again I am in the bed on my own. I have managed to get through the full week without washing, but they will be in the wash first thing tomorrow morning as I switch back to day time wear. Doesn’t look like we’re going to have much sun so may as well keep them covered up whilst doing them some good! My skin still feels great – no flakiness or dryness so when the husband is back I plan to finally get round to popping on some fake tan!

The appearance of the stretch marks continues to reduce, cellulite – again mine isn’t TOO bad but the fact they look more moisturised is more of a benefit for me.

So far I have been really impressed with my Proskins and am glad I got to see some results on a ‘bad’ week!

Proskins are still undertaking the #28DayChallenge which gives you the opportunity to buy the full length leggings for just £25 so grab them whilst you can.

They are also offering 20% discount on their shorts if you want the benefit of the leggings but with the ability to wear under skirts and dresses. Just enter 28SHORTS into the discount box when you checkout.

Bring on Week 3!

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Week 1 Proskins Review #TeamTrim

So Saturday marked Day 7 of my #28DayChallenge! I have managed to get through a whole week wearing nothing but my Proskins and a top of course!

As the weather has been rather glorious I have been teaming with tunic style tops, skater dresses and maxi dresses and not once felt too hot. It’s just a good job one of my legs was still sporting a massive power hoop bruise otherwise I would have been gutted at keeping my legs away from a Vitamin D top up! If the weather is good this week (is that too much to ask) then I am going to switch my wear to the evening.

So, how have they lived up to their claims?

Well after Day 1 my legs felt great after a full day in the leggings. I usually suffer from quite dry skin and the skin on my legs can somewhat resemble that of a snake about to shed it’s skin! Not with the Proskins!

I regularly moisturise on an evening and usually by morning it has soaked into the skin and I’m back to thirsty looking skin once again, but with wearing the Proskins they still feel smooth and look quenched in a morning. I cannot remember the last time my skin on my legs felt so great!

After having babies – the most recent almost two years old I have become a victim to stretch marks but I have found more recently with regular exercise and the reduction of fat around my waist this has drastically reduced. I have also noticed that wearing the Proskins seems to have aided this further and the appearance is less visible! Maybe I will wear a bikini this summer after all!

So cellulite – well I wouldn’t say I have a massive amount, it’s certainly there – let’s see how I feel at the end of the challenge when I brave the hot pants!

Now like a div, I didn’t personally record my starting measurements (aside from my hips as I track them in MyFitnessPal) so far there are no changes in the hip measurements, but from memory I think there are a couple of mm’s everywhere else. Let’s see what the measurements say on week 2 and I shall report.

Due to the anti-bacterial properties of the leggings I managed to get through 5 days of wearing these leggings before putting in the wash. Even though they didn’t particularly smell I just felt 5 days was about right to stick in the wash, also the youngest daughter managed to put ice cream hands over me! After washing as per the instructions they felt nice and tight again although they hadn’t sagged whilst wearing (remember I sized down).

My only comment on the leggings is that they are quite shiny (not Disco pant shiny though) so it would be great to have a pair of the matte ones. Also with young children and Velcro being rife, I have managed to obtain a couple of snags on the leggings which although not visible to others are to me – perhaps the matte ones wouldn’t be as noticeable?

Proskins in the Sun

N.B. I haven’t been paid to post this review nor have I been gifted a free pair of leggings. I made the purchase based on the 50% discount (which is still ongoing) and reviews found on Amazon, Next and Tesco. Therefore the above comments are my actual thoughts on how the product lives up to its claims.

#TeamTrim Proskins Challenge

On Saturday 1st June my Proskins 28 day challenge commenced!

Proskins (@ProskinsLtd) are a company specialising in sports compression wear and have developed leggings that claim to help the wearer slim by up to 2cm around the thighs and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The technology behind the garments include:

  • Caffeine – A renowned active slimming agent that activates micro-circulation and promotes fat destruction
  • Retinol – A skin regenerator which stimulates collagen, giving a youthful appearance to the skin
  • Vitamin E – An antioxidant that helps the skin appear young and fresh

They also include silver anti-bacterial agents to prolong the usage of the garment.

After reading a number of reviews (and the fact I needed new leggings anyway) I decided to step up to the challenge!

I opted to size down and I am glad I did as I think my size would have been a little loose and with prolonged wear perhaps sag – or at least do so when I have lost further weight. The leggings fit like a dream and are unbelievably light especially when you have to wear them for a minimum of 8 hours a day (you can even choose to wear to bed!) and when they say you can wear under jeans they really mean it – although I haven’t done so yet, instead opting for a tunic style top and even maxi dresses over the top seen as though the weather has been so kind.

So far the claims that they help smooth the skin seem to be realistic. Day 1 the skin on my legs can get unbelievably flaky and I am constantly exfoliating and moisturising, but after 8 hours in the Proskins there was no flaking of the skin and they felt silky to the touch. They also claim to help flush toxins out of your body in which you should find yourself visiting the bathroom more often – by Day 3 this seemed to be the case!

I’m currently on Day 4 and haven’t washed the leggings yet – they still smell pretty fresh, although I think they are going to have to go in the wash tonight. I just don’t feel that I can wear anything longer than 4 days without washing!

If all I get from these are smoother legs for summer I will be happy, but if the claims that they can help you lose cm’s come true I’ll be ecstatic!

I will be taking on the challenge with my existing healthy eating and fitness regime so fingers crossed they will help speed up the results!

At the moment, Proskins are conducting a #28DayChallenge where you can obtain a pair of the 28 Day Slim Leggings for £25 (50% off RRP).

Are you up to the challenge?


Guilt free shopping… for a cause

Last night myself and my eldest daughter Stevie took part in a fashion show to raise funds for the local school she attends and for Joseph Salmon Trust, a small charity who offer financial assistance to people living in the Huddersfield, Halifax and Mirfield areas, whose child has died.

The evening offered the opportunity to buy ex-chainstore clothing at reduced prices and there was an array of brands including Next, Dorothy Perkins, Per Una, Whistles, Jane Norman, Boden and many others.

I have to say the school, the parent committee and the charity did an amazing job! Wine on arrival, plus one of the school cooks had made up some delicacies to sample during the evening from mini cupcakes and scones to artisan breadsticks and open sandwiches – I wish lunch was like that when I was at school!  The raffle prizes were also pretty amazing from a box of cupcakes to handbags, it really was a lovely evening.

So after modelling a number of items I was keen to make a few purchases of my own, you had to be quick though as the audience were keen to grab a bargain from Complete Clothing, the company who runs events like these to help raise money for charitable organisations. Complete Clothing is based in the North of England so if you want to hold a fun evening raising money for your organisation, these people are worth looking into.

So my items, well of course I went for black which for anyone who knows me is my signature colour and managed to grab a whole outfit for just £31!

  • Black Skull Scarf – £7
  • Jane Norman Black Jeans with Ankle Zips – £18 (would most likely RRP around £30+)
  • Black Dipped Back Top – £6 (can’t see brand as label is cut out

Can’t wait to wear it all – ironed of course!