Today has been a good day!

After my pretty poor week last week, I am delighted to say that Monday has actually turned out pretty good!

I kick started the day with a bowl of Shredded Wheat and dried fruit. Sainsbury’s delivered mid-morning so I had a Danio Cherry Pot to get me through until lunch. I seriously love the Danio Yoghurts so I am extremely grateful that Sainsbury’s currently have them on offer!

Lunch was an egg white omelette using Two Chicks Egg White with a smoked bacon and plum tomato filling (I know – not the best but I had some bacon to use up!) followed by a peach! I haven’t had a peach in ages – but again on offer at Sainsbury’s!

Mid afternoon I quickly threw together my Lemon, Kale, Apple & Ginger Smoothie and topped it off with a shot of Matcha to give me some much needed energy before hitting the gym for my LBT session. I did however cave and have ONE chocolate digestive with a cup of Peppermint tea mid-afternoon too, but I resisted the whole packet!

I then hit the gym, did my LBT class and then had some time on the gym floor using the Treadmill, Rowing Machine and the Power Plate and have booked in for a weights session on Friday before LBT. I thought booking in for a session was the best option to take as I really have no idea when it comes to weights.

So after the gym and burning 528 calories in 77 minutes, I had a huge bowl of Turkey Bolognese with a Courgette Spaghetti followed by a tub of Whey Hey Ice cream! Heaven!

My total intake for today = 1439 calories (40% Carbs, 37% Protein, 23% Fat)

I have my calories set at 1700 based on my TDEE that allows me to work out and lose weight, just before I get told I’m not eating enough (I did go over a little yesterday so don’t worry), so still a few calories left over, maybe I can have another biscuit!

On second thoughts maybe not!

Turkey Courgette1


Danio – Finally a healthy yoghurt!

I came across Danio Yoghurts on the Nics Nutrition site after being completely lost in the world of yoghurts and which are / aren’t healthy for you!

Danio is a super thick, super tasty yogurt over a layer of delicious fruit on the bottom. The secret behind Danio‘s super thickness is that it’s made to Danone’s strained yogurt recipe which uses more milk than standard yogurts to make it amazingly thick and high in protein. Danio is produced by Danone’s yogurt experts in Poland.

Having popped into my Sainsbury’s Local I was delighted to see they were on a BOGOF deal although they only had the Blueberry variety – which isn’t a problem as I love Blueberries!

As soon as I got home I opened the pot. Thick, rich and creamy with a blueberry compote layer at the bottom which I soon mixed in with the rest of the yoghurt. The taste was divine and I certainly felt like I was eating something much naughtier than a high protein yoghurt!

The pot is a single serving of 160g which is just enough to be filling and not leave you wanting more – even though they do taste delicious! It really does fill a hole and reduces cravings for the bad stuff!

Danio offers a choice of six flavours including strawberry, blueberry, cherry, passion fruit, peach and raspberry with the strawberry pot starting at just 125 calories, the highest of which is Blueberry at 159 calories each containing 11.9g of protein per pot which is over double what other ‘healthy’ yoghurts in the market have to offer!

Danio are also offering a free pot just for tweeting #MakeMyBreak to @DanioUK. This is how I picked up my Strawberry pot which I had this morning! However I have just had a batch of Blueberry and Cherry delivered with my shopping this morning.

Can’t wait to try the Cherry flavour! Although I would love a honey option!

What do you think? Have any of you tried the other flavours? What flavours do you think they should add to the range?