The Color Run – Manchester

On Sunday we (husband, daughter and myself) took part in The Color Run in Manchester.

After reading some blogs about the London event the previous week and how a lot of people felt let down, I went to this expecting very little. In fact if only I were doing it I may not have bothered at all.

However, after paying 3 fees we were definitely turning up! And I have to say I am so glad we did. We really did have so much fun and it was great to share the experience with Stevie too… what a start to the Summer holidays!

Getting parked up and to the race start was all relatively straightforward. We managed to arrive in good time so were pretty close to the front, close enough to be in the second group out the starting chute.

We got underway with Stevie (daughter) managing to get a stitch pretty quickly. We helped her to power through it before arriving at the first colour chute – pink and plenty of it!


Getting completely covered with our first colour really spurred us on to keep going.

A mixture of running, jogging and power walking saw us complete the course in around 40 minutes which I thought was a pretty good attempt for 1. Our first 5k and 2. Doing it with a child.

I really wanted to take our youngest who has recently turned 2 but made alternative plans for her earlier in the week due to the heat. Although it was much cooler on race day and would have been fine she’s freshly out of nappies too so I don’t think a 5k and potty training would be a good mix. It was fine however as it meant we got some quality time with the eldest!

The Color Run Manchester’s Official Charity partner was Stand Up To Cancer (a campaign brought to you by Cancer Research UK) who administer the donations made to the campaign to fund clinical trials, bringing forward the day when all cancers will be cured. This was a really great event and I’m not sure we could have done anything else so much fun whilst raising money for such a vital cause!

I had such a great time that I might even consider doing it again!

The Color Run - Manchester

The Color Run Manchester

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