Session 9… The PT Diaries – Back in Focus

After my dismal performance the previous week – session 9 was all about getting back on track and focused!

What made this session even better was my friend Jen came along to take some progress pictures at Pure Fitness Gym, which I am extremely happy with! It’s great to see some muscle definition happening because I don’t really see that when I look in the mirror! This picture however has to be my absolute favourite! Boxing is a great way to get in shape and get rid of your frustration – I had many thoughts going through my head during that!

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Boxing

This session covered the following and should take you about an hour to do – back when I first started I wouldn’t have managed to get through this and my sets would have only been 2-3 max so if you feel you need to drop the reps then do so, but try build them up over time.


Warm Up

  • Watt Bike 3000m Level 3

Abs Circuit X4

  • Seated side rotations 10 each
  • Plank 45 seconds
  • Wall Sit ups 12
  • Leg raises 8


  • Battle Ropes
    • 8 X 20s High 40s Rest

Resistance Training Super sets x3

  • Arms
    • Tricep Rope Push down 1
    • Standing Row 10
  • Legs
    • Leg Press 12
    • Walking Lunges 10e
  • Boxing
    30s on 10s rest
  • Bench Step Ups
  • Core Board spins
    15s X 4


  • 500m Row
  • Stretch

And here are some more pictures!

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean Watt Bike

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Core Bag Step Ups

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Plank

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Weighted Lunge

I think we can definitely say it’s an improvement from the first session (its hideous that I have shared that with the world!)…

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Session 1 Weighted Lunge

Session 8… The PT Diaries – Results Day!

So session 8 has been and gone and what a session today was… within 10 minutes I felt like I hit a wall. It was such a come down after the high I experienced on Tuesday. After that session I felt all kinds of amazing and felt like I could do anything I set my mind to!

Today was another matter – I hurt, Tuesday was a hard session that left me with DOMS in practically every muscle – which is a good thing – it means you are working but unfortunately you do have to get back on the horse and get on with it! I did some yoga last night in the hope it would help stretch me out – it did but I felt so weak today!

However, today was also results day….

So here it is, this is what I have achieved in 8 sessions over a period of 4 weeks. Firstly my physical measurements.

A total of 10.7cm lost from those key areas that us ladies don’t love. There has been a gain in a couple of areas, but this is down to muscle mass and quite frankly for those areas in particular I am not too bothered. For me its all about the waist, hips and arms.


Moving on to body fat – once again a reduction in measurements, particularly around the waist area which is my main pet hate area, especially after 3 pregnancies and just really doing nothing about it!

Body Fat

In terms of how much I weigh, I have gained 0.5kg since commencing personal training… am I shocked, disappointed? NO! Look at the results above!

Muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less room, therefore when you are undertaking a fitness regime you should not rely on scales as a sole indicator of progress – if I did that I would be sat rocking in a corner no doubt munching on a bar of chocolate and knocking back copious amounts of vodka wondering why with all my hard work nothing is happening and in fact why am I gaining!

I’m pretty bloody proud of what I have achieved in just 4 weeks and this has been done with hard work and determination and a pretty awesome personal trainer. My diet is pretty good, I won’t lie it could be better and that is what I plan to work on over the coming weeks so I can really see some truly amazing results, but I achieve this from living a balanced lifestyle – exercise AND eating healthily. I haven’t undertaken any drastic juice fasts or attended slimming clubs where the focus is all on the weight. I have achieved this through pure hard work and do you know what I feel loads better, I have more energy, I am focused and determined and I am a lot more patient. Everyone can lose weight by undertaking extreme measures but what happens when you go back to your old ways? The time I didn’t have a kitchen is a prime example of going back to the old ways and I still have my work cut out to achieve the measurement loss I achieved over a good few months of attending the gym and classes.

I want to thank Barry for pushing me these last 4 weeks and for having faith in me. It was a slow start, especially as my fitness levels were unbelievably poor. My recovery from intense exercise was taking upwards of 2 minutes whereas now it is around 40 seconds, this is a major indicator in my level of fitness and something that we can continue to improve.

I’ll be continuing personal training up until my sisters wedding early April so I hope you will continue to follow my journey.

I would definitely recommend that if you don’t know where to start in a gym that you consider personal training and ladies – don’t worry about all those wobbly bits or looking like crap. They honestly don’t care – they are there to get you the results you want! So if you are in Huddersfield I definitely recommend you popping by to check out the gym and speak with the staff to see how they can help you.

So moving on from all that, this is what we did this morning!


Warm up

  • X-Trainer 5 mins

Abs Circuit x4

  • Seated side rotations 10each side using a 5kg ball
  • Mountain Climbers 30s
  • TRX Knee tucks 12

Watt Bike 3000m level1

Resistance Training Super sets X3

  • Arms
    • Cable Push down x 12
    • Cable curls x 10
  • Legs
    • Seated extensions x 10
    • Walking Lunges 12 each leg

Row 500m Level 9

HIIT Training on Battle Ropes x8

  • 20 second High Intensity
  • 40 second Rest


Total calories burnt 594 (total this week 1611)

Just to confirm my stats, I am 30, weigh 65kg and measure 163cm. Your calories burnt will depend on your age, weight, height and your health in general.

If any of you have tried following any of my PT session plans I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Session 7… The PT Diaries

WOW! What a work out this morning!

Session 7 brings me into the start of week 4 of my Personal Training with Barry at Pure Fitness Gym and what a journey it has been!

Although I have been a member of the gym for over 18 months, undertaking personal training has been a real test of my fitness and endurance. Over the last 3 weeks my cardio levels are gradually improving and today was definitely my best session yet.

My heart rate still reaches dizzy heights but the recovery is significantly improved which led to me getting much more out of todays workout. Last week it too me 12 minutes to do 4 reps of HiiT cardio…. today around 10 minutes to do 8 sets!

The weight is still hovering but I am putting that down to increased muscle mass. I found last year that for a good couple of months my weight stayed around the same but body fat reduced before the weight then started to reduce and I am happy with that. Although I will be testing body fat on Thursday.

So today involved the following, why not have a go and see how you get on!


Warm Up

  • Watt Bike 4000m

Abs Circuit

  • Single leg Plank 30s on each leg
  • Seated side rotations 10e
  • Floor sit ups 12
  •  X3 20-30S REST

Resistance Training Super sets X3

  • Leg Press 15
  • V-sits 10/12

20-30s rest between sets

  • Cable rope push down x12
  • Dumbbell hammer curls x10

20-30s rest between sets

  • Seated Row x12
  • Standing Upright row x10

20-30s rest between sets


  • Interval Sprints with resistance band (reebok)
    • x8 sets 20s Sprint getting HR 90-100% BRING DOWN TO 50-60% recovery
  • x3 Sets Bench Step Ups using 10kg core bag
    • 10 each leg make sure to raise your opposite leg to work the abs
  • x3 Sets Core board spins
    • 15s – 5s hold in press up position.


  • 500m rower level 8 (big focus on using arms as opposed to legs)


A great 1 hour work out which burnt 700+ calories and significantly improved my cardio levels!

Already looking forward to Thursday’s session and to getting my body fat results!

On another note all my blood results came back fine – my thyroid is normal. Next major test is the 24 hour ECG in February!

Session 6… The PT Diaries

I honestly can’t believe that we are at session 6 – the time has flown!

After an absolute drenching before getting to the gym I made a start or getting stretched and warmed up.

After Session 5 where I just felt urgh today’s session was – well not easy but it was manageable, well it was until I got on the rowing machine that is (flashbacks to my 1000m challenge ensued). It didn’t help that the night before the session the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) kicked in around my back, shoulders and upper arms but everywhere else it is starting to ease off.

In general I am fairly fit but I just lack the ability to really push myself during physical exercise and my endurance levels, especially with cardio are pretty poor but it is improving (I think). I just need to stick it out and by having the PT sessions I feel it has really had a massive impact on my free training sessions. I now know what I need to be doing to get results and doing 20 minutes on the cross trainer a bit on the rowing machine and some weights just aren’t gonna cut it! Unfortunately that is what I did for a long time then thought I could just eat what I want in the early days. Put it this way YOU CAN’T! Some education made a massive difference last year but now it’s about making a major difference – it’s no longer about being slim, it is about being fit and healthy and a few muscles won’t hurt either!

So this session we once again mixed it up a little, Barry is still insistent I get on that bloody bike though!

Here is what I did – why not give it a go and see how you do!

  • Warm Up X-trainer 8 mins (keeping heart rate between 130-150bpm)
  • Walking Lunges + Shoulder Press 10m/8m/6m/4m X3
  • Interval Sprints on Spin Cycle (5 minutes)
    • 40secs Low Intensity
    • 20sec Sprint 85-90% HR (put it this way mine can get up to 194bpm!)
  • Resistance Training
    • Super Sets 3×12 with a break between each set (I did this to get my heart rate back to 150 but a 30 second break should be fine).
      • Tricep Cable Push Down (straight bar)
      • Seated Latt Pull Down(wide grip)
    • Break
      • Smith Squats (Barbell)
      • Bench Step Ups (6kg Dumbbells)
    • Break
      • Incline Bench Crunch
      • Bench Knee lift
  • Core Board 3x15secs Press Ups (spin)
  • Cardio Cycle 5 mins level 8 RPM 75+
  • Finisher
    • 500m Row level 8 (as fast as you can – should take about 2m 30s)
    • Stretch

Overall another great session that burnt approx. 650 calories (my HRM kept getting a little temperamental) I really feel that I have benefited from PT sessions and wish I had started much sooner in my ‘Coming Clean’ and getting fit journey as I would probably be in a completely different place right now. I was lucky if I managed to do around 300 calories in an hour when free styling. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there and inspirational people on Twitter but if you really want pushing to do your best and to make you keep going when you wanted to give up 3 times previously then personal training is definitely something to consider.

I’m yet to do further measurements but I can tell you my weight has increased slightly. I’m not scared at this stage, after all muscle weighs more than fat and I would much rather have more muscle than fat! I plan to take some further measurements at the end of next week after session 8 is complete to see my progress.

I have two more PT sessions left as part of this block but plan to undertake another 8 which will finish just a couple of weeks before my sisters wedding and will hopefully mean I will get into my bridesmaid dress with ease and furthermore really set me on track for working out myself and getting the most out of it!

My past PT Diaries can be found below….

Session 5… The PT Diaries

So we’re now at session 5 – where has the time gone? Finally I have managed to split the sessions down as opposed to doing a week overview just because I have been so busy – I have started another CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing and the husband has started a new job.

In this session I had to admit I was scared (plus I seem to be coming down with a bit of a sore throat) but after the bridesmaid dress / back fat issue I need to significantly up my game.

I updated Barry on the latest e.g. blood tests and how I desperately need to be able to get back into my bridesmaid dress in 11 weeks time (less if it needs alterations) or my sister will kill me and there is no way I am having it altered unless its to take the thing in!

Bearing all this in mind we made a start beginning with a number of stretches followed by 5 minutes on the cross trainer to get warmed up.

In this session we made a start with some side rotations using a weighted object 5kg undertaking 3 sets of 20 repetitions in order to work the core and sides before undertaking 3 x 12 sit ups with the aim of not resting the back on the floor when going down so that it worked my core harder. I’m usually rubbish at sit ups but having my feet against the wall made a huge difference.

Moving on we did a barbell squat and straight bar tricep push down circuit. Undertaking 12 reps on the barbell and then immediately 10 reps on the push downs. This was repeated 4 times allowing a rest period in between each overall set to allow my heart rate to recover to around 150. Barry noticed that when doing barbell squats I tend to lift my heels so place some small weights underneath my heels to prevent this from happening.

We then moved into the studio to undertake a further circuit which included the punch bag (I imagined hitting a few people :-)) shuttle runs, floor plank and clean and press with barbell undertaking each activity for 30 seconds with a brief rest period in between each activity.

After this we did some work on the arm machine (or that’s what its known to by me!) Facing forward with arms extended I had to pull the weight as far back as possible in order to work my back. This was done in 3 sets of 10, 6 and 2 (it definitely got harder towards the end).

It then came to the bike…. how I hate the bike! We did 5 minutes of HiiT but for some reason this week seemed harder – turns out the setting had been increased to 3 from 2 the previous week – so although I felt I was struggling it was actually an improvement!

We then moved on to using the TRX – a little differently to how its been used in previous sessions. This time with my hands on the floor and my feet in the stirrups I had to bring my knees to my chest. Again repeated in 3 stages with 6 repetitions per set – By the end of this my face was as pink as my top!

Then came the 10kg Core Bag – with it placed across my shoulders I had to undertake step ups in 10, 8, 6 on each leg before moving on to doing step ups with a raised knee again 10, 8, 6.

After which I finished off with 5 minutes on the cross trainer to cool down before doing some stretches.

Calories burnt this session… 702. 46 minutes of which were fat burning and 55 were fitness (cardio). Looks like the back fat may disappear after all!

I topped my session off with a banana protein shake with added frozen banana – after all I need to repair those muscles and get that toned physique. Just to add no ladies – doing weights and drinking protein shakes won’t turn you into a bodybuilder!

Whoever said it got easier lied! The PT Diaries

Week 2 of personal training (sessions 3 & 4)

Don’t get me wrong I have no plans to give up or give in at any stage but my goodness PT is hard! Especially once you have awoken muscles you never knew existed, getting back to the gym and pushing yourself through that pain is hard and I mean hard.

This week we did a lot of work to address my heart rate and my overall poor cardio performance – quite frankly I have never been a fan of cardio and much prefer getting myself using the weights or in a class – did I tell you how great the classes are at Pure Fitness? I thought so! So if you haven’t tried them yet then what are you waiting for?

So lots of work on the bike (I hate the bike, it hurts my rear, but needs must!) doing HiiT. I am quite getting into HiiT, I like the feeling of really pushing myself for short bursts, as endurance really isn’t my thing. Your legs will kill and feel like jelly but seeing the calories burnt on my Heart Rate Monitor really does push me on.

We mixed up the 2 sessions this week with session 3 doing lots of core work e.g. side twists, core board (a twisty piece of kit that goes on the ground and you swivel it), planks (normal and side) along with using the TRX to work on the shoulders and back. (Total of 573 calories burnt)

Session 4 featured the same amount of cardio work and focus on core exercises but we got to do barbell squats – I really love using the Barbell, it makes me feel really empowered and like I can take anything on. I did a bit longer on the bike in order to understand how my heart rate works – within seconds of undertaking high intensity it shoots up to around 190bpm so I concentrated on that and worked out how long it takes to recover down to around 140bpm – of which it takes 2 minutes. I kept up with this for a total of 12 minutes and it would appear that the 2 minute recovery when on the bike is normal for me but towards the end that had reduced slightly. (524 calories burnt)

After this session the gym had some people from MyZone come in to do a demo of how their product works – I’ll review this is a separate blog post but it was fun taking part in trialling this product out with the Pure Fitness staff and I think it would be a great addition to the gym – especially from a Personal Training POV. I believe having my Polar FT7 has really helped shape my PT sessions in order to get the best from them so anything that gives the trainer more insight to how the trainee is performing on the inside will definitely be of benefit and help get even better results! (209 calories burnt – they sent me an email after my session!)

Not only that I went to the gym on Saturday morning and got a little competitive taking part in a 1000m rowing machine challenge! Jeez! My legs turned to lead at the end of that (it took me approx. 4m 13s and I was in the lead as of Saturday) but with having the PT sessions behind me I made that free workout my best workout yet burning 431 calories in 50 minutes (I had to get home to run the kids around!)

Total burn this week 1684 calories (I also did an LBT class on Monday!)

More next week…

Personal… Training or Torture?

Last week was certainly exciting if not hard, and when I say hard I mean HARD!

I commenced my personal training sessions (2×1 hour sessions) – it’s been on hold for a while due to one thing or another but with the new year and my sisters impending wedding approaching it’s now or never!

So after my LBT session followed by some cardio on Monday my personal training session commenced on the Tuesday evening with Barry at Pure Fitness Gym in Lindley, Huddersfield.

I have been a member of the gym for about 18 months now and I rate it very highly (take a look at my 1 year anniversary blog post). Following a heavy amount of investment to bring the latest technology and comfort, which includes a top of the range spa and sauna experience (much better than some day spas I have been to) along with the friendliness and support of all the Pure Fitness employees I have to say it is the best gym in Huddersfield – the fact that I stayed 6 months let alone 18 is an achievement in itself and something the whole team should be proud of! (Keep it up my membership is due in another 18 months!)

So back to working out, there’s many reasons why you should undertake exercise and this is something I try live by. Not only does exercise improve your health, even if you have already been diagnosed with something, but it can go a long way to prevent the onset of several life-threatening conditions, such as heart diseasediabetes and cancer. All of which I wish to prevent especially as my great-grandma died of breast cancer, I wish to do all I can to live a long and healthy life for my children.
  1. It’s good for your heart
  2. Exercise promotes weight loss
  3. Exercise prevents osteoporosis
  4. Exercise lowers high blood pressure 
  5. Exercise is an excellent de-stressor (something I can certainly vouch for!)

Additionally exercise can make you look great – younger and fitter. Who needs any more convincing?

Coming back to personal training, Barry is well aware that I want to rid myself of stomach fat and get my upper body toned and keep it that way so we undertook a variety of exercises in the first session which lasted one hour.

Session 1

We commenced with a warm up on the bike – generally I avoid the bike at all costs as I find it so uncomfortable. Once warmed up we moved on to machine weights in order to work my core and side before moving onto some TRX. TRX is a training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete 100s of exercises. I actually really enjoyed TRX and am looking forward to using it a little more.

Moving on we did a little circuit utilising battle rope, core bags and a bike. The battle ropes are certainly harder than they look but you can certainly feel them working your arms, shoulders and even your core – definitely a fab new piece of equipment that has been introduced to the gym.

During this session my heart rate got a little high, reaching over 185bpm on some occasions so Barry ensured that I rested between activities in order to bring my heart rate down to the best efficiency of fat burning. Thankfully it does drop down quite quickly.

Following the torturous circuit session we went on to do some HIIT training on the cycle we only managed to do 5 interval sprints of 40 secs low level and 20 secs High. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. For example, a good starter workout is running as fast as you can for 1 minute and then walking for 2 minutes. Repeat that 3-minute interval five times for a 15-minute, fat-blasting workout.

A hard session but certainly enjoyable – thankfully Wednesday meant rest day!

Session 2

After the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) had kicked in on the Wednesday evening I certainly wasn’t looking forward to an early morning PT session on the Thursday. However I know that in order to achieve the body I want I have to work for it and work bloody hard indeed!

Barry started me off on the Cross Trainer to warm up with the indication I needed to keep my heart rate between 140-150bpm. Generally I succeeded at this but having tested my resting heart rate earlier in the morning it indicates that I have quite a high resting heart rate which is effectively below average. The information I read behind this is that there are risks associated with high resting heart rates so I plan to get myself checked out by my doctor especially as since I bought my Polar FT7 HRM my heart rate has always been high – especially when undertaking cardio exercises, so part of the plan with the PT is to assess how my heart rate improves over the sessions.

After a good rest we did some resistance work on the arms (triceps using the cable machine) working on 3 sets of 12,10,8 increasing the weights.

The sessions ended with weighted walking lunges on the little running track in the gym starting on marker 10 then 8 and last 6 with a cool down on the rower – by this point I was well and truly knackered! I was out of breath, my arms and legs were failing me but I pushed on for 3 minutes before stretching out.

I really enjoyed the sessions – they were a bit of a whirlwind so I plan to ensure I record my activities for my next blog posts and of course treat you to some more pictures of me looking my worst!

Friday meant by usual LBT class and I have to say it was one of my worst performances ever! I ached so much from the week’s activities, hopefully this will improve as time goes on but I lost 1.3lbs this week – happy days!

Overall it may feel like torture whilst you’re having PT but that feeling that you get from knowing that you are doing a bloody good workout is certainly something worth experiencing!

Katrina - PFGym

N.B. Facts, figures and before and after pics will be provided at the end of my personal training journey!

It’s been a while…

I want to apologise to all my regular readers for being quiet of late but I have good reason for being so.

Since returning from holiday, where I managed to eat healthily and maintain my weight, we have come back to a major renovation project on our house which you may already be aware of.

We have an open plan kitchen, dining room and sun lounge of which we have extended the sun lounge and dining area to almost double the size and installed bi-fold doors – which look totally amazing!

We returned from holiday to the extension build phase complete but have since then been planning where we want electrics, stripping wallpaper, laying floors and ripping out the existing kitchen.

During this time I have also been away with and absolutely crazy busy with work which has left me working a number of evenings too, all of which has impacted upon my health and fitness regime!! Don’t worry I’m not getting lazy, as soon as things are in order I will be back on it!

Since we have had no kitchen I have struggled to cook healthy meals, most of which I generally do from scratch and instead we have been opting for eating out, takeaways and my idea of hell… microwave meals. I have tried to eat healthy where possible, but we have a lack of storage at the moment (pretty much just the fridge and freezer!) You will not believe the emotional turmoil I went through to actually put microwave meals through the till, not only for myself but my children too. I just don’t think they shouldn’t eat them unless absolutely necessary i.e. in our case of not having a kitchen. I have to say though our girls are used to home cooked food and have mostly turned their noses up at these unhealthy options.

I’ve also struggled to make time for the gym as when John get’s home from work he is making a start on DIY so I can’t exactly ask that he watches the kids instead so it’s a small sacrifice I have had to make for getting the room done at both a cheaper cost and before our eldest daughter’s birthday. Plus it will be absolutely amazing and we even have exposed steel work which will be great for chin ups… when I finally master them.

So over the last 3 weeks whilst this has been going on I haven’t weighed myself, the batteries ran out thankfully! However, once I am back on track I plan to do so, I haven’t measured myself either, although I know my the lack of healthy eating and exercise is taking a massive toll on my body and here is why…

  • I am getting spots… I’ve had the odd one or two in my adult life but not to this extent
  • I look and feel bloated constantly
  • My nails are weak and brittle
  • I feel tired
  • I constantly crave crap food which is a never ending cycle
  • My clothes feel tight & don’t (well I don’t think) look as good!
  • I am grumpy because I am not eating well and don’t have that time during the week to unwind, de-stress and have fun whilst exercising!

I have established during these last few weeks that I am an all or nothing girl and that I cannot wait to get back to my healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating and exercising just go hand in hand and the positive changes I put in since the beginning of the year have certainly become engrained and had a massive impact on my life moving forward. So, once this kitchen is installed any remaining junk food will be going and a massive healthy shop will be undertaken.

At this time I will also be embarking on my personal training finally! It really didn’t make sense to undertake it if I was fuelling my body with junk!

So upcoming blog reviews will be coming soon, these include…

For now though I shall leave you with some pictures of the renovation! Although I can’t wait to share with you the finished look! Expect plenty of new recipe posts cos I can’t wait to show off my new kitchen!

Dining area, sun lounge & kids chill area

Kitchen removed!

Dining Room / Kids chill out area / Sun lounge plastered

Kitchen plastered

Sun Lounge - tiles going in


Hello August copy

Pinch punch first of the month and all that!

I planned to post about August as it is a month of many things for me. But after seeing the above image on my friend, Jen’s Twitter and a post on Gemsmaquillage about #AwesomeAugust it prompted me to pull my finger out and get this written!

So it’s August! How exciting!

I mean that without the sarcasm, I am truly excited about it being August for many reasons…. the first of which being I turn 30 this month! I have been a little daunted by the prospect of this milestone, but to be honest I actually can’t wait! This year so far has been pretty amazing for me and has brought a number of positive changes!

I may be about to turn 30 but I feel and look so much better than I did when I was 20 (well I think so anyway) feel free to disagree 🙂

My 20’s were also pretty hard, being 20 / turning 21 was a pretty crap time. I was pregnant with the baby we lost, I was at my heaviest and it was generally a very, very dark time for me which pretty much continued throughout that decade. To think you failed so many people as well as your own child is a lot to bear and there were many times when it almost was. I managed to survive through it… just! And I now have two amazing girls who I couldn’t be more proud of, they really have made each day worth living even when they tell me to ‘go away’ and close their bedroom door! Yep, my 2 year old did this! So in a way I am glad to see the back of my 20s!

It is also my younger sister’s birthday too – so an advance Happy Birthday for Monday!

I also get the results of my CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications this month too. This has been a huge drain on me over the last 3 years but I have managed to achieve grades varying from A-C whilst holding down a full-time demanding job, two young children and a husband! All I need is a C or above on my final assignment and my Diploma is complete and will be a huge weight off my shoulders.

We are also going on our first two week holiday in 4 years! I honestly can’t wait, two weeks in the sunshine (or rather the shade – we are heading to Egypt!) which is the perfect opportunity to have some uninterrupted quality time with my family. I definitely need more regular holidays and mini breaks. In fact I was meant to have a girly holiday for my 30th but this year has been pretty hectic so that is being pushed into next year… it is happening! Miami anyone?

My husband and I will also be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary and at the same time our 13 year anniversary from the day we met. We’ve had some tough times and a few knocks along the way, but I feel that as I turn 30 and due to the positive changes I have inflicted upon myself that we will move forward stronger, happier and enjoying life a lot more! In fact I recently dedicated P!nks latest song True Love to him because it pretty much describes our relationship. I love you! Sorry I’m such a pain! And just to add he is pretty amazing, it’s me that’s the hard work! I’m very lucky to have not only a wonderful husband but an amazing friend, dad for my children and someone who has a little OCD when it comes to cleaning!

Although it looks unlikely that I am going to meet my target weight loss before I hit 30 (I set this back in January) I am really happy with the progress so far and have altered my goals along the weight to be much more than weight loss. I am pretty impressed with the progress I have made, rather than being just skinnier I feel to have toned up and although I actually put a couple of pounds on recently I know this is down to increased muscle mass. I’ve been working harder since the schools broke up as my eldest daughter is either at family or holiday clubs which means I can hit the gym early after dropping my youngest daughter off at nursery which is usually around 7.30am!

I will also be starting personal training once I am back from my holiday so that should really sort out those areas I want to get sorted! Scary, but exciting stuff!

Finally, we are undertaking a major house renovation! We have a fabulous spacious house with an open plan kitchen, dining and sun lounge which opens out onto a large garden. However as we have a decent amount of land to the side of the house we have decided to double the size of the dining / sun lounge area, install bi-fold doors, make the patio larger and level off the garden and replace the kitchen. Work is underway, the house currently represents a bomb site but it is going to look awesome once complete… maybe not by the end of August as we want it to be perfect but it should be in perfect order by Christmas at the latest! House Party anyone?!

Here are some pictures of the work done so far! I can’t wait to share with you the finished renovation!

House RenovationsHouse Renovations 2So what are you doing to have an #AwesomeAugust?

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Rest Day = Deep Tissue Massage

This week I finally got round to using a groupon I had purchased for Complemed in Huddersfield.

The venue is clean, bright and just what you would expect from such a venue. After filling in my medical information we got underway, the choice was either a one hour sports massage or deep tissue massage which cost me just £18 (RRP for an hour is £30) so I opted for the deep tissue as I get a fair bit of tension in my shoulders which is a mixture of being active, carrying kids, poor posture and general stress.

Pav, my therapist ran through what he planned to do as we hadn’t identified any major issues. Part of my treatment also included assessing my spine and general movement, thankfully my spine is in pretty good working order (although it doesn’t feel it sometimes) which was good to hear as my mum suffers from severe back issues which have seen her having injections into her spine and being reliant on heavy medication to reduce the pain. The only issues I had were poor movement in the upper half of my back and restrictive movement of the neck.

After doing The Color Run, followed by 3 sessions in the gym I timed my booking just right!

Pav started off by using a heat treatment on my back whilst at the same time massaging the area using a machine that offered various levels of intensity. Apparently it is also used in the beauty industry to reduce cellulite, so maybe that back fat is on its way out 🙂 The use of this was also an aid to improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage amongst other benefits. This was followed by some hands on massage ironing out the numerous knots I had managed to accumulate.

Following the massage I was able to move much more freely and without tension. Pav also advised me on my posture, which I am trying my hardest to undertake along with undertaking some moves to stretch out my spine.

All in all a lovely hour, I feel less ‘tight’ and a lot less stressed. Pav was friendly and made me feel at complete ease. Deep Tissue massage is definitely something I would look to undertake regularly to help recovery from sports injuries. Prices are extremely reasonable… £20 for half an hour and £30 for an hour.

Complemed is a franchise and facilities are available in Huddersfield, Altrincham, Birmingham and Leigh if you can’t make it to Huddersfield.