Friday Night…. Fitness

I love Fridays! It means one thing! Lots of exercise. After a walk to pick my youngest daughter up, the usual fun Friday rush around of getting the eldest daughter to Brownies I finally make it to my Legs, Bums, Tums (LBT) class.

I’ve been doing LBT now pretty religiously twice a week since February and I love it. At first it was hard, I felt like I was gonna die, had no core strength whatsoever. But I can say that if you put the dedication in you get the results. I’m still a long way off managing the moves without pain but I’m sure in time I’ll get there. I’m very lucky I have a local gym with fab trainers that really care about your health and fitness and in my opinion really do go above and beyond that of other gyms to help you achieve your goals.

My essential gym/fitness kit…

A few months back a friend of mine bought me a gift voucher from Amazon, so after taking some time to think I decided to purchase a Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor. Approx £67+. Alongside tracking my diet on MyFitnessPal, this piece of kit has been instrumental in my diet and fitness regime just recently and has been in my opinion, key in helping me achieve a 11lb weight loss.

The FT7 consists of a chest strap, transmitter and a watch (that can be worn just on its own). After inputting your personal information such as height, weight, sex etc you click start and it tracks your calorie burn throughout exercises. Although a lot of gym equipment does this it doesn’t take into account your height or sex and can therefore be inaccurate, and you can’t track your burn in classes. This is where the FT7 comes in!

Another benefit is that it stores your workouts, tells you your average heart rate AND the best part of it, it tells you whether or not your activity focused on fat burning or cardio which allows me to change my workout style to ensure I am maximising my time in the gym. I honestly could not workout with this little baby anymore!

So after a class, a quick workout in the gym and an overall total burn of 692 calories (yep I wore it when I picked the youngest up), it was time to pick up the eldest and head home to make a healthy (357 cal) Tuna Steak meal for dinner!

Happy Friday everyone and have a great bank holiday weekend!

Polar FT7 HRM, Reebok Vibetrain

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