It’s something that we never seem to have enough of and is something that we are always trying our best to beat, especially when it comes to the ageing process.

I regularly hear from people who say ‘Ooh I don’t know how you find the time’, ‘I don’t have time to exercise’, ‘I’m too busy’ etc.. Usually I just smile nicely because I can’t be bothered getting into a debate, but believe it or not I am busy, I work full-time, I have two kids – one of which takes part in various activities so we have to taxi her around, my husband works, we both travel for work when required. BUT I still make time to not only exercise but also eat healthily.

The reason I have this time and this is something that my friend Jen and I discussed over a cuppa recently…. I rarely watch TV and I make time by managing my time effectively, time is precious so the last thing I want to do is waste it.


The only thing I do watch is a half hour episode of New Girl once a week, aside from that I couldn’t tell you what is on the TV.

This is what I have experienced from making time to exercise…

  • I have more energy.
  • I haven’t been ill since regularly exercising (touch wood).
  • I feel more focused.
  • I can concentrate more.
  • I feel less tired… believe me I used to crash by lunchtime!
  • I’ve lost weight.
  • I feel healthier.
  • I feel more confident.
  • I am in a better mood.

Hopefully all these positives will help buy me time in the future… less days feeling ill, less days wasted because I don’t have energy but more importantly hopefully more days added to my life, all of which benefit my children significantly!

Aren’t those points enough to make you want to make a move?

So what is holding you back?

I don’t have time!

Really? If you look back at what you have done today, yesterday, the day before, did you make the most of the time you had available?

I don’t have a gym membership / I don’t know what to do!

No problem, you can do at home! There are various online resources that can help you get in shape and as you will have access to a laptop then you can access this information for free in a lot of cases via YouTube! There are tons of workouts on YouTube, however my favourite home workouts have to be from Fitness Blender.

Also, if you don’t have a membership a lot of gyms allow you to PAYG or even have free day passes that enable you to try the equipment and classes out.

There are also numerous blogs like mine to give you helpful tips along the way and bloggers and happy to answer any questions you might have… don’t be shy!

But I can’t miss that episode of…

Multitask! Work out whilst watching it… I thought the ladies were experts at doing two things at once! Click on the image to make larger!

the tv time workout

But I’m tired…

Believe it or not exercise not only gives you more energy but helps you sleep much better. If you exercise late at night do not put the TV on after your workout as this stimulates your brain and them leaves it active whilst you’re trying to switch off. Exercise, shower and then relax before getting into bed.

If you are overweight and find that you snore or have sleep apnea this will also be reduced as your weight decreases allowing for a much more restful nights sleep.

You will soon find that after exercising regularly you will have more energy!

I’d love to hear other excuses… let’s see what answer I can come up with!

And finally…

If You Have Time To Facebook You Have Time to Workout

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