Muscle Food Review

I have been wanting to try MuscleFood products for a good while and upon my return from Bangkok I did just that.

I have a Protein Discount Card and one of the offers included a MuscleFood Super Lean Meat Bundle for £55 – usual price £85!

This included the following…

• 2kg-2.3kg Chicken Breasts (15-18 breasts)
• 4 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks
• 6 x 6-7oz Hache Steaks
• 1 x 500g Extra Lean British Beef Mince
• 1 x 500g Diced Turkey Pure Breast
• 1 x 400g Diced Lean Great British Beef
• 4 x 100g Prime Pork Loin Steaks
• 1 x  Award Winning Corn Fed Chicken 1.3kg

I also got a free 1L carton of Egg Whites using Protein Cards unique discount code too! RRP £4 (you can pay this for a pack less than half the size!) and a free pack of Sweet Thai  Protein Crisps RRP £1.75.

MuscleFood Order

Of course, MuscleFood promise to beat the supermarkets when it comes to value, so I did a little costing up…

For all the items I got above I had a look to see how much this would cost me at ASDA. I was able to source everything aside from the Hache Steaks which are available to buy in Waitrose. The total cost of this shop came to £88.04! £3.04 more than it would have cost at MuscleFood had I have not got the discount. So I actually saved a lot more by only paying £55 for this bundle – over £33 in fact! This does not include the free items!

BUT there is more…

The meats that come from MuscleFood have no added salt or water and therefore what you see is what you get and it means the meat goes a long way when it comes to cooking for a family or batch cooking. The chicken breasts are huge for example!


The delivery comes at a day to suit you and are delivered in a tough exterior box with an insulated inner box which also have hydrated ice blocks placed within the order. Mine was delivered early on in the day but it was later in the evening before I was unable to unpack and still the ice packs were cold and in most parts still frozen. Delivery is within 24 hours but the boxes are designed to stay cool for 72 hours – just in case of any issues (which I haven’t experienced).

The items are also delivered in vacuum sealed bags aside from the hache steaks, which results in much less room needed in the fridge / freezer and a lot less packaging waste which means ordering from MuscleFood is a great way to stock up and made even more savings!

MuscleFood Box

MuscleFood Inner Box

MuscleFood also offer free delivery when you spend over £75, therefore I added an extra carton of egg whites and some duck breasts.

So far we have tried the following…

Minced Beef

We have been having minced turkey in our lasagnes as we were finding that supermarket mince beef was gristly and chewy. I made up a lasagne using MuscleFood‘s minced beef and it was amazing – the husband can be quite fussy when it comes to meat, but no complaints – he had a double helping!

Hache Steaks

The order arrived upon my return from Bangkok and looking for something tasty, quick and nutritious to make I opted for these. Served with grilled mushrooms and sweet potato wedges! The steaks didn’t lose any size whilst cooking and were unbelievably tasty! They were actually huge and I could have settled for half of one!

Duck Breasts

Again, a great size, didn’t shrink whilst cooking and had I have not cooked it for too long I imagine it would have tasted a million times better! The husband is better at cooking things like duck breasts and steak so I have asked him for a lesson!

Corn Fed Chicken

I admit I felt a little hesitant when receiving the chicken. I have never purchased a corn fed chicken before so obviously the colour of it looks a little strange to what I expect as standard from a chicken and also the fact that it was vacuum packed made the chicken look a little squashed. Although it tasted perfectly edible I’m not sure I can get my head around the colour and I kept checking whilst eating to ensure it was cooked through. Also it’s a push to feed a family of 4 from the breast, so I think I’ll be sticking to all the other meats from MuscleFood.

Corn Fed Chicken

Protein Crisps

I wanted to really enjoy these but unfortunately didn’t. I felt that they were quite dry and to some extent left a powdery texture in the mouth. It was only when getting to the bottom of the pack (I was hungry) that the taste of the Sweet Thai started to come through. Unfortunately they won’t be on any future orders so I’ll be sticking with the meat!

Protein Crisps

Egg Whites

Today I made some protein pancakes and used the carton of egg whites! Just as good as another brand available in Sainsbury’s and Tesco and much better value!

Fancy trying Muscle Food?

Click on any of the MuscleFood referral links or enter Referral Code KC13301 and you can choose from the following for free…

  • x4 Chicken Breasts
  • x4 Protein Crisps
  • x1 Protein Ready Meal OR
  • x1 Protein Bread

Give them a go… you won’t be disappointed!