A Royal Arrival & Spotlight Scrutiny

Now I know this is completely unrelated to what my blog mainly features, but I needed to let it out…

So, we have a Royal baby, what amazing news, even seeing them step out as new parents made me (ME!) feel a little broody. After my own personal pregnancy problems and baby loss I just don’t get the broody feeling anymore… So they achieved something in itself there!

However, after Kate being admitted to hospital at a very early stage with hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) I couldn’t help but be anything but concerned for her throughout her pregnancy.

Having a crap pregnancy is enough for any normal person, but when you are in front of the whole world and its dog then that is something entirely different. Add in to the mix having to perform Royal duties, I get we have to work too but we don’t have to with a camera pointed in our face constantly and in most cases they would undoubtedly be trying to pick up the worst looking image possible of her so the trashy mags can slate her.

When the news was announced that she was in labour all I could think was how I hoped everything would be ok and that is probably the cynic in me due to the fact I have lost a baby. I’m not being morbid, unfortunately the rose tinted glasses were removed from my eyes long ago and I now view absolutely everything differently. I was more concerned that if things did go wrong that she would not be allowed any privacy because unfortunately the media and ourselves seem to feed off those in the public eye like vultures.

Not only that but you would have the media and others making ill informed judgements and trying to say the right thing, but rarely getting it right. Believe me, I still get it over 8 years on. “That must have been a difficult time…”,  “Err. no it still is difficult”. “At least you have a baby now”, “That doesn’t mean I loved the one I lost any less”. In some ways I am grateful I had two daughters after losing my son because otherwise I would have undoubtedly got “Well you now have a boy!” but when I hear “Maybe you can’t carry boys” it just adds insult to injury. I have the reasons why I can’t carry to term – that is why I lost him.

People complained about how long it took them to present the baby to the world. I get that as any new parent we all want to show off our babies, but considering what I looked like after my youngest there is no way I would be allowing anyone to take pictures of me to plaster on papers 24 hours after the birth. In the grand scheme of things we should have allowed them more than 24 hours of privacy, time to get to know their little one, understand his cries, loving him and allowing family members to visit before seeing it on the news.

Kate should not have had to spend however many hours being preened ready to face the world until she was ready. She was effectively performing a royal duty… in other words a job! How many mothers were back at work 24 hours later with such a public display? I doubt that even most celebrities do that so soon after delivering and would imagine that most of them will be waddling round the hospital room, knickers padded with maternity pads in tracky pants and a vest top. She was brave to venture out in a dress, believe me!

I am really happy for them, I am. But I felt I needed to add some balance to the off kilter reporting and post birth activity that seems to be going on.

So the main issue that got me riled today was seeing the front cover of OK (who buys this crap?) with “Kate’s Post Baby Workout Regime” as the headline! Not even 2 days have passed and we’re talking about her getting into shape! I mean seriously, no wonder women are made to feel crap about themselves. Just think how many other mothers who have had a baby around the time that Kate has that will be made to feel inferior. Just enjoy time with your babies… rest, eat, bond and more importantly RECOVER!


Even more importantly, can the ladies please stick together and not bitch, moan, criticise or anything else that we seem to do well to other women and just allow her to bring HER baby up how she wants, to get into shape when SHE wants. One of the worst things I have discovered as a parent is how other women seem willing to try give you advice – whilst usually trying to make you feel bad in the process!

All I hope now is that they are allowed time as a family and a huge degree of privacy. They should be allowed time to themselves with THEIR baby because I sure as hell don’t want to hear in X amount of years that Kate has suffered from post natal depression trying to keep us lot happy!

Welcome to the world our future King, it’s a pretty messed up place so enjoy the blissful ignorance whilst it lasts!


June 3rd

There’s not really much I can say about this date aside from that it is my son’s birthday.  That should sound exciting aside from the fact that we lost him into my 20th week of pregnancy 9 years ago.

I won’t go into the details as this is not what this blog is about, but if you want to read the details and the reason for our loss along with the stories of our daughter’s births they can be found here.

All I have to say is if you have had pregnancy problems or suffered from babyloss there is help and advice out there if you know where to look. For me personally the best one’s have been Tommy’s the Baby Charity and Bliss, for babies born too small, too sick, too soon.

These charities are vital so if you can do anything to support them, be it through donation or spreading the word – please do so!

We miss you Casey x