It’s Alright To Have A Feast… Every Now & Again

On Saturday I made a conscious decision to eat and drink what I wanted…. Absolutely anything!

It’s been a very long time since I did and it didn’t freak me out! Why? Because I was completely in control, I knew I could stop at any time and I knew it wouldn’t be happening the day after, or even a few days after that, or even the following weekend so that one day really did not make any difference.

It was a gorgeous day, I had done the usual running around with the kids including a trip to the supermarket (I never go to the supermarket… It comes to me!)

I had had a relatively healthy morning of fruit and fibre followed by a turkey breast salad for lunch so I decided I was going to spend the rest of the afternoon spoiling myself!

Cue the following

  • Strawberries and single cream
  • Ice cream – although it was my homemade protein ice cream
  • 1 whole bottle of wine
  • Peri Peri Cabbage Crisps – don’t ask, bit of an experiment although they did taste good, even the husband thought so!
  • 1/2 pizza
  • Sweet potato wedges
  • 1/2 mint Aero bar
  • A few homemade chocolates

In total I consumed 2676 calories, almost 1000 more than my daily allowance!

So why am I not freaking?

Well to start I had done four workouts during the week and not eaten back all my excise calories, but more importantly this was a one off and that includes weekends too! I do not generally use weekends as an excuse to eat crap, if anything I use the extra time to make even healthier food so I know this wont be happening any time again soon.

The problem with a lot of diets is that you put yourself under so many restrictions and it is highly likely you will cave in or if you don’t you will experience other side effects. Throughout my weight loss journey I vowed to not deny myself but to learn to eat treats in moderation. Once the healthier eating got underway the cravings for the bad stuff on a daily basis disappeared but I still have the odd day when I fancy something a little naughty… And why not?

We all deserve to enjoy ourselves every now and again… It’s just nice not to feel guilty about it anymore!

Plus if you look at what I did eat you will see I made some healthier options! ūüėĄ This is something I have learnt and which is key… Make smarter choices…. Enjoy more!

  • I had single instead of double cream (saving double the calories)
  • Home made ice cream, no unneeded sugars
  • Cabbage crisps – need I say more
  • Sweet potato wedges as opposed to normal wedges or fries
  • Homemade chocolates i.e cleaner and a good source of protein

Absolutely A-Whey-zing

Tonight I demolished a tub of ice cream…. a tub of Whey Hey Protein Ice Cream.

At 150ml a tub and packed with 22.5g of Protein this certainly isn’t any ordinary ice cream treat – it’s a healthy one! And perfect for after the gym!

I opted for their Vanilla flavour, they offer Chocolate and Strawberry too, however I am not a lover of Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream so I have to stick to the ‘plain’ flavours (unless I am eating really bad stuff), although the Vanilla WheyHey¬†is absolutely delicious!

I was expecting WheyHey to perhaps be a little on the ‘bitty’ side – you know that aftertaste you get when drinking protein shakes – well not with this, you would honestly think you were eating actual naughty ice cream. It is creamy, definitely tastes of vanilla and not in a ‘fake’ way! It really is something amazing, in fact I have had bad ice creams that don’t taste anywhere near as good as WheyHey does!

This will definitely be on my shopping list in the future, if only we had the summer to go with it!

Just as an end note РIt would be lovely if WheyHey could extend their flavour options at some stage in the future such as Mint Choc Chip or even Rum & Raisin! A bigger tub might also be a good idea for hardcore WheyHey fans! Overall though it certainly makes a pleasant change from downing the Protein Shakes and means you can treat yourself whilst trying to have a healthy diet!

You can find WheyHey in the freezer cabinet of your local Holland & Barrett store, although other outlets (depending on your location) also sell it. Check the WheyHey website for more information.

Nutritional Stats – 150ml Tub

  • 6.8g Fat (of which 1.5g Saturates)
  • 7.5g Carbs (6g Fibre, 1.5g Sugar)
  • 22.5g Protein


Can’t get hold of some WheyHey? Check out my recipe for Banana & Peanut Butter Protein¬†Ice Cream below!

Fitness Fail?

Well last week I have to say I pretty much failed in the fitness department. Due to the husband being away and the youngest playing up at bedtime I have had barely no time to go to the gym or even do a home workout which I tend to do if he is away – but not this week!

Last Monday he left for Kentucky and that is where my week went downhill, usually it’s not an issue and I cope very well on my own whilst working and looking after two kids whilst fitting in a Fitness Blender workout in an evening, but not this week. After the youngest having croup and generally going through the start of the terrible 2 stage she just does not want to go to bed. Monday night resulted in her falling asleep at 10.30pm which left me thinking I’ll have a handful of those peanut M&M’s that are in the cupboard – I ate the full share bag (approx. 912 calories) to myself! Tuesday wasn’t much different, bedtime was earlier but than I had 5, yes FIVE, chocolate digestives (430 calories).

The most frustrating part of these two days? I actually had a really good overall diet with plenty of protein, vegetables and healthy fats but the lack of sleep and wind down time just worked against my willpower.

Wednesday is where change came about and I vowed to go to the gym for an hour before picking the girls up from school and nursery. I’m so glad I did as it made me feel so much better and in control. Before I hit the gym I also made some homemade Banana & Peanut Butter protein ice cream so I had that as my go to sweet if I feel off the wagon. Overall a good day – I only had one chocolate digestive and the toddler went to sleep around 9pm!

Thursday I met a friend for lunch and had the most amazing Afternoon Tea but that included cakes, scones and a whole matter of naught treats.

Friday again met a friend for lunch, the choice of mushroom soup wasn’t too bad but the courgette and lime cake was – even though it was delicious – not quite as delicious as my own though! I did however make it to my LBT class that night and managed to squeeze a little bit of time on the cross trainer beforehand so at least some exercise.

The weekend was a non event, although generally I ate pretty well although I had 3 glasses of wine on Saturday evening. I did however managed to resist when family members where trying to offer biscuits so go me!

I did however wear my Proskins all week to bed, so at least I was getting a hidden workout and they went some way to proving my stats which show I lost 0.6kg (1.3lbs) over the last week and my measurements have reduced. However when I have a week like the above I worry that I am in fact losing muscle and not fat, which is not what I want to do.

So this week I’m back in the game….

  • LBT Class tonight and then I am gonna do some lifting – regardless of whether the Ibiza Bod Boys are in the room (I can probably lift heavier anyway)!
  • Yoga and Power Hoop on Wednesday
  • Walking and LBT Class on Friday, plus some lifting if I can fit it in!
  • In and amongst all that I am going to try and use some of the workout gear I got from my Fab Fitness Haul last week whilst at home!
  • Wear Proskins all week taking Week 3 Measurements on Friday
  • AND to top it all off improve the diet further!! Online food shop is to be delivered today with meals planned out for the week!

Let’s think positive…

Countdown to 30

Fab Fitness Haul

What started as the need to find a new gym bag that fits EVERYTHING in has turned into a bit of a shopping spree!  So I thought I would share with you some great bargains I have managed to pick up this week in my quest for an on going healthy and active lifestyle!

Fitness Haul

To start off, the gym bag¬†I bought from American Apparel¬†at ASOS¬†(¬£20.50)- I have been eyeing this one up for a while but wasn’t quite sure just how big it was but it’s massive! I have had rucksacks and so on in the past but find that you struggle to fit a change of clothes, towel and toiletries into easily. Therefore I wanted something quite large but lightweight that I could just chuck everything into. I’m useless when it comes to compartments so it may as well all be in the same one.

Another item I have been on the look out for are some resistance bands so I thought I would pop into TK Maxx to see what they had to offer. Main reason being when I travel I tend to take mainly carry on luggage which means I am unable to take my gym kit with me, so I wanted something that I could easily pop in my case and do a hotel room workout. Introducing ’empower’ Total Body Toning System ¬£7.99 (RRP $29.99). It includes an upper body power cord, a lower body power cord with padded ankle cuffs and a door strap along with a workout guide and the whole package takes up less room than a pair of trainers! This is a beginner / Intermediate kit which offers resistance up to 15lbs (6kg).

Total Body Toning

After picking up the above¬†I was just about to walk away from the fitness section in TK Maxx when I saw the ’empower’ Cardio Core Fitness Hoop¬†lurking at the back of the shelf and for ¬£12.99 (retail $29.99)¬†I had to grab it! I love the Power Hoop class that I do at the gym but with both myself and the husband having jobs that involve travelling and childcare to consider getting to a class isn’t always possible and with my 30th birthday only a couple of months away I need to do as much work on my core as possible. Although not as heavy as the Power Hoop, it will do for adhoc fitness at home. Perhaps if I was going long haul on business I could break this back down again and take with me if I didn’t have access to a gym as it doesn’t take up too much room.

Moving on to clothing. I am always on the lookout for a decent top for the gym, one that’s not too tight, but not too baggy but I just can’t seem to find one that is quite right. This top from MPG Sport was just ¬£12.99 from TK Maxx¬†and looked to be just what I was after. I thought I had bought a Small¬†but upon getting home it turns out it’s XS. It fits ok so I’m not going to bother taking it back but hopefully in a few more weeks it will fit even better! MPG are currently offering 25% off your order if you like their¬†page on Facebook!


After spotting the lovely Nic from Nics Nutrition picking up a pretty decent fitness kit haul at Primark, I decided to check it out. Unfortunately Primark in Huddersfield didn’t have a decent range, but if you are after some introductory kit then it is worth checking out. On offer includes sports bras, pants, tops and I saw one Jacket that Nic managed to pick up but unfortunately not in my size. I opted for a sports bra (¬£4) in a size 10 and although it fits rather nicely I don’t think I would wear it for running, instead opting to low intensity class work. However, for ¬£4 it’s worth having when my others are in the wash. I also picked up a pack of¬†7 neon sports socks for just ¬£2.50. Again handy for having to hand (or foot)! The picture only shows¬†5 pairs but you got 2 pairs of pink and grey.


As you can see I’m loving the neon colours at the moment. Apparently it’s in? I’m usually a black and grey type of girl but when it comes to working out I need bright colours to motivate me so regardless as to whether it’s the latest trend it’s getting worn!

So with all that shopping I decided I should get myself a couple of treats. The first of which was this Rodial GLAM BALM Hand for just ¬£11 in TK Maxx (RRP ¬£39!) I suffer with shockingly dry hands made worse by over washing and I find they are always pretty dry after I’ve been to the gym too. So I’m really hoping that this does the trick! It sinks in nicely and smells divine! I did however get home and check this out online to find that Rodial are offering it on their website for just ¬£9.50 with free delivery, so if you want some get some now!


Finally I treated myself to some Panda Natural Raspberry Liquorice¬†, Health & Herbs Peppermint Tea and some WheyHey Protein Ice Cream (to be blogged about later)¬†from Holland & Barrett. I’ve heard¬†liquorice has health benefits and is fairly low in calories so instead of reaching for the chocolate I shall be reaching for this… in moderation of course! Peppermint Tea however is my love!

Hopefully this makes up for the Afternoon Tea I had with a friend yesterday at Neaversons where I ate (half of) and drank this! Welcome to my life Parma Violet Fizz!

See, every wannabe fitty deserves a treat every once in a while!