Session 9… The PT Diaries – Back in Focus

After my dismal performance the previous week – session 9 was all about getting back on track and focused!

What made this session even better was my friend Jen came along to take some progress pictures at Pure Fitness Gym, which I am extremely happy with! It’s great to see some muscle definition happening because I don’t really see that when I look in the mirror! This picture however has to be my absolute favourite! Boxing is a great way to get in shape and get rid of your frustration – I had many thoughts going through my head during that!

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Boxing

This session covered the following and should take you about an hour to do – back when I first started I wouldn’t have managed to get through this and my sets would have only been 2-3 max so if you feel you need to drop the reps then do so, but try build them up over time.


Warm Up

  • Watt Bike 3000m Level 3

Abs Circuit X4

  • Seated side rotations 10 each
  • Plank 45 seconds
  • Wall Sit ups 12
  • Leg raises 8


  • Battle Ropes
    • 8 X 20s High 40s Rest

Resistance Training Super sets x3

  • Arms
    • Tricep Rope Push down 1
    • Standing Row 10
  • Legs
    • Leg Press 12
    • Walking Lunges 10e
  • Boxing
    30s on 10s rest
  • Bench Step Ups
  • Core Board spins
    15s X 4


  • 500m Row
  • Stretch

And here are some more pictures!

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean Watt Bike

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Core Bag Step Ups

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Plank

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Weighted Lunge

I think we can definitely say it’s an improvement from the first session (its hideous that I have shared that with the world!)…

Pure Fitness Gym - Katrina Coming Clean

Pure Fitness Gym – Katrina Coming Clean – Session 1 Weighted Lunge


Session 8… The PT Diaries – Results Day!

So session 8 has been and gone and what a session today was… within 10 minutes I felt like I hit a wall. It was such a come down after the high I experienced on Tuesday. After that session I felt all kinds of amazing and felt like I could do anything I set my mind to!

Today was another matter – I hurt, Tuesday was a hard session that left me with DOMS in practically every muscle – which is a good thing – it means you are working but unfortunately you do have to get back on the horse and get on with it! I did some yoga last night in the hope it would help stretch me out – it did but I felt so weak today!

However, today was also results day….

So here it is, this is what I have achieved in 8 sessions over a period of 4 weeks. Firstly my physical measurements.

A total of 10.7cm lost from those key areas that us ladies don’t love. There has been a gain in a couple of areas, but this is down to muscle mass and quite frankly for those areas in particular I am not too bothered. For me its all about the waist, hips and arms.


Moving on to body fat – once again a reduction in measurements, particularly around the waist area which is my main pet hate area, especially after 3 pregnancies and just really doing nothing about it!

Body Fat

In terms of how much I weigh, I have gained 0.5kg since commencing personal training… am I shocked, disappointed? NO! Look at the results above!

Muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less room, therefore when you are undertaking a fitness regime you should not rely on scales as a sole indicator of progress – if I did that I would be sat rocking in a corner no doubt munching on a bar of chocolate and knocking back copious amounts of vodka wondering why with all my hard work nothing is happening and in fact why am I gaining!

I’m pretty bloody proud of what I have achieved in just 4 weeks and this has been done with hard work and determination and a pretty awesome personal trainer. My diet is pretty good, I won’t lie it could be better and that is what I plan to work on over the coming weeks so I can really see some truly amazing results, but I achieve this from living a balanced lifestyle – exercise AND eating healthily. I haven’t undertaken any drastic juice fasts or attended slimming clubs where the focus is all on the weight. I have achieved this through pure hard work and do you know what I feel loads better, I have more energy, I am focused and determined and I am a lot more patient. Everyone can lose weight by undertaking extreme measures but what happens when you go back to your old ways? The time I didn’t have a kitchen is a prime example of going back to the old ways and I still have my work cut out to achieve the measurement loss I achieved over a good few months of attending the gym and classes.

I want to thank Barry for pushing me these last 4 weeks and for having faith in me. It was a slow start, especially as my fitness levels were unbelievably poor. My recovery from intense exercise was taking upwards of 2 minutes whereas now it is around 40 seconds, this is a major indicator in my level of fitness and something that we can continue to improve.

I’ll be continuing personal training up until my sisters wedding early April so I hope you will continue to follow my journey.

I would definitely recommend that if you don’t know where to start in a gym that you consider personal training and ladies – don’t worry about all those wobbly bits or looking like crap. They honestly don’t care – they are there to get you the results you want! So if you are in Huddersfield I definitely recommend you popping by to check out the gym and speak with the staff to see how they can help you.

So moving on from all that, this is what we did this morning!


Warm up

  • X-Trainer 5 mins

Abs Circuit x4

  • Seated side rotations 10each side using a 5kg ball
  • Mountain Climbers 30s
  • TRX Knee tucks 12

Watt Bike 3000m level1

Resistance Training Super sets X3

  • Arms
    • Cable Push down x 12
    • Cable curls x 10
  • Legs
    • Seated extensions x 10
    • Walking Lunges 12 each leg

Row 500m Level 9

HIIT Training on Battle Ropes x8

  • 20 second High Intensity
  • 40 second Rest


Total calories burnt 594 (total this week 1611)

Just to confirm my stats, I am 30, weigh 65kg and measure 163cm. Your calories burnt will depend on your age, weight, height and your health in general.

If any of you have tried following any of my PT session plans I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Session 7… The PT Diaries

WOW! What a work out this morning!

Session 7 brings me into the start of week 4 of my Personal Training with Barry at Pure Fitness Gym and what a journey it has been!

Although I have been a member of the gym for over 18 months, undertaking personal training has been a real test of my fitness and endurance. Over the last 3 weeks my cardio levels are gradually improving and today was definitely my best session yet.

My heart rate still reaches dizzy heights but the recovery is significantly improved which led to me getting much more out of todays workout. Last week it too me 12 minutes to do 4 reps of HiiT cardio…. today around 10 minutes to do 8 sets!

The weight is still hovering but I am putting that down to increased muscle mass. I found last year that for a good couple of months my weight stayed around the same but body fat reduced before the weight then started to reduce and I am happy with that. Although I will be testing body fat on Thursday.

So today involved the following, why not have a go and see how you get on!


Warm Up

  • Watt Bike 4000m

Abs Circuit

  • Single leg Plank 30s on each leg
  • Seated side rotations 10e
  • Floor sit ups 12
  •  X3 20-30S REST

Resistance Training Super sets X3

  • Leg Press 15
  • V-sits 10/12

20-30s rest between sets

  • Cable rope push down x12
  • Dumbbell hammer curls x10

20-30s rest between sets

  • Seated Row x12
  • Standing Upright row x10

20-30s rest between sets


  • Interval Sprints with resistance band (reebok)
    • x8 sets 20s Sprint getting HR 90-100% BRING DOWN TO 50-60% recovery
  • x3 Sets Bench Step Ups using 10kg core bag
    • 10 each leg make sure to raise your opposite leg to work the abs
  • x3 Sets Core board spins
    • 15s – 5s hold in press up position.


  • 500m rower level 8 (big focus on using arms as opposed to legs)


A great 1 hour work out which burnt 700+ calories and significantly improved my cardio levels!

Already looking forward to Thursday’s session and to getting my body fat results!

On another note all my blood results came back fine – my thyroid is normal. Next major test is the 24 hour ECG in February!

To The Proskins Sceptics…

So it’s been a week since my Proskins #28DayChallenge came to an end.

Since then I have been undertaking normal activity, which I undertook throughout my challenge (which also included a bad week) along with my healthy eating. This week I have already been to the gym three times and burnt a total of 2208 calories whist consuming an average of just under 1800 calories per day. Again nothing new since before I undertook the challenge. If any of you want to view my diary on MyFitnessPal you are more than welcome, as I am completely honest about what I am doing – you will see I am not starving myself to lose weight or exercising like a maniac to burn calories and therefore lose weight. I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be fit and healthy!

So why am I writing this?

Well aside from using the scales to measure my weight, which has actually increased by 0.3kg over this last week (most likely down to muscle – I’m not stressing) I also take measurements so I can see the physical changes. I did this today and compared to the measurements last week they had barely budged. One actually went up!

So I reviewed my measurements over the past four weeks and put together this little info graphic that I thought you might like!

Proskins InfoGraph

  • Green – Represents a loss
  • Orange – Represents no change
  • Red – Represent an increase

Due to having no differences this week over the past four weeks, this to me is real evidence of the Proskins working alongside an already healthy lifestyle. For the measurements that did go down, they only went down by 1mm, whereas the smallest loss I have had previously has been 3mm. I’m going to do another week without and compare once again, then the Proskins are going back on for four weeks before I hit the beach!

Proskins #28DayChallenge Results Roundup

So today marks the final day of my Proskins 28DayChallenge! I honestly can’t believe just how quickly time has flown!

I have really enjoyed the past 28 days, knowing exactly what I will be wearing for the day – well at least the bottom half. I am lucky in that I work from home so I can just pair the leggings with a tunic style top or rather a jumper! These are really light enough however to wear under work trousers if wearing on their own is difficult.

However if wearing them during the day is an issue then there is no reason why you could not wear at night. I did this for a week of the challenge and actually felt this was probably the easiest option for most people.

So what did the results bring? All measurements in CMs… Drum roll please…….

Area Start End Total
Hips 89 87 2
Top of Thighs 57.7 56 1.7
Widest Part of Thigh 54.4 52.7 1.7
Above Knee 40 37.3 2.7
Below Knee 34 32.5 1.5
Widest Part of Calf 37.3 36 1.3
Grand Total 10.9

I have to say I am impressed! Even after a number of washes the Proskins are still ensuring I have smooth, moisturised legs which is something that with regular moisturising just didn’t deliver!

Here you will find a picture of me shrinking over the last 28 days too! Sometimes you don’t think you are seeing the results until you compare to how you looked in the past and using the same outfit and as near as poses as possible really helps with this (mine wasn’t intentional BTW – I hate having pictures taken!)


The 28DayChallenge is still open where you can get the leggings for 50% off RRP, so if you want to take part then don’t delay and sign up here!

I will add that throughout the course of the challenge I have continued with my healthy lifestyle – aside from the week where the hubby was away and I caved into sweet treats. I have not drastically reduced the intake of food, I eat better at a slight deficit. I work out 3 times a week mainly doing class based activities but this is something I have done for the last 5 months. Most classes include muscle toning so I would have expected certain areas of my legs to actually increase in size.

I’m now onto my next challenge of stepping up using weights to trim that waist some more and have an overall more toned body!

Wish me luck!

Katrina x

p.s. I plan to try this challenge again once I am at the maintaining stage of my fitness journey – see what happens then! Report back in a few months!

Week 2 Proskins Review #TeamTrim

OK, I really shouldn’t be recording this until tomorrow morning, but I doubt one day will make a difference! So here we have it, the results from week two of wearing my Proskins Slim Leggings.


As you can see the measurements are all reducing!

  • Hips – 3mm down
  • Top of Thighs – 2mm down
  • Widest part of Thigh – 6mm down
  • Above Knee – 5mm down
  • Below Knee – 5mm down
  • Widest Part of Calf – 6mm down

I wasn’t sure that there would be a change as I haven’t had the most active week due to my husband being away with work which means I have missed two gym classes and with a toddler approaching her terrible two’s I haven’t had my evenings to do some home workouts either.

What didn’t help either is the fact I also had a Peanut M&M’s Sharing Bag to myself on Monday evening followed by 5 Chocolate Digestives on Tuesday evening and a lovely Afternoon Tea yesterday – so if anything expected them to go up a little!

I am glad however that I have had the opportunity to wear whilst being fairly inactive so I can see if the product really does live up to it’s promises! Next week I will be back to classes 3 times a week so hopefully even more mm’s gone!

So this week I switched to wearing my Proskins on an evening just to try them out at night. I have been a little cold in them – but then again I am in the bed on my own. I have managed to get through the full week without washing, but they will be in the wash first thing tomorrow morning as I switch back to day time wear. Doesn’t look like we’re going to have much sun so may as well keep them covered up whilst doing them some good! My skin still feels great – no flakiness or dryness so when the husband is back I plan to finally get round to popping on some fake tan!

The appearance of the stretch marks continues to reduce, cellulite – again mine isn’t TOO bad but the fact they look more moisturised is more of a benefit for me.

So far I have been really impressed with my Proskins and am glad I got to see some results on a ‘bad’ week!

Proskins are still undertaking the #28DayChallenge which gives you the opportunity to buy the full length leggings for just £25 so grab them whilst you can.

They are also offering 20% discount on their shorts if you want the benefit of the leggings but with the ability to wear under skirts and dresses. Just enter 28SHORTS into the discount box when you checkout.

Bring on Week 3!

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Week 1 Proskins Review #TeamTrim

So Saturday marked Day 7 of my #28DayChallenge! I have managed to get through a whole week wearing nothing but my Proskins and a top of course!

As the weather has been rather glorious I have been teaming with tunic style tops, skater dresses and maxi dresses and not once felt too hot. It’s just a good job one of my legs was still sporting a massive power hoop bruise otherwise I would have been gutted at keeping my legs away from a Vitamin D top up! If the weather is good this week (is that too much to ask) then I am going to switch my wear to the evening.

So, how have they lived up to their claims?

Well after Day 1 my legs felt great after a full day in the leggings. I usually suffer from quite dry skin and the skin on my legs can somewhat resemble that of a snake about to shed it’s skin! Not with the Proskins!

I regularly moisturise on an evening and usually by morning it has soaked into the skin and I’m back to thirsty looking skin once again, but with wearing the Proskins they still feel smooth and look quenched in a morning. I cannot remember the last time my skin on my legs felt so great!

After having babies – the most recent almost two years old I have become a victim to stretch marks but I have found more recently with regular exercise and the reduction of fat around my waist this has drastically reduced. I have also noticed that wearing the Proskins seems to have aided this further and the appearance is less visible! Maybe I will wear a bikini this summer after all!

So cellulite – well I wouldn’t say I have a massive amount, it’s certainly there – let’s see how I feel at the end of the challenge when I brave the hot pants!

Now like a div, I didn’t personally record my starting measurements (aside from my hips as I track them in MyFitnessPal) so far there are no changes in the hip measurements, but from memory I think there are a couple of mm’s everywhere else. Let’s see what the measurements say on week 2 and I shall report.

Due to the anti-bacterial properties of the leggings I managed to get through 5 days of wearing these leggings before putting in the wash. Even though they didn’t particularly smell I just felt 5 days was about right to stick in the wash, also the youngest daughter managed to put ice cream hands over me! After washing as per the instructions they felt nice and tight again although they hadn’t sagged whilst wearing (remember I sized down).

My only comment on the leggings is that they are quite shiny (not Disco pant shiny though) so it would be great to have a pair of the matte ones. Also with young children and Velcro being rife, I have managed to obtain a couple of snags on the leggings which although not visible to others are to me – perhaps the matte ones wouldn’t be as noticeable?

Proskins in the Sun

N.B. I haven’t been paid to post this review nor have I been gifted a free pair of leggings. I made the purchase based on the 50% discount (which is still ongoing) and reviews found on Amazon, Next and Tesco. Therefore the above comments are my actual thoughts on how the product lives up to its claims.